Humpty Dumpty Was My Best Friend

I was scrolling through Instagram and ran across a cute pic of a toddler and stuffed animal and it got me thinking of my favorite stuffed toy. The one that I carried with me everywhere and cuddled up with every night. But mine wasn’t a cute little plush animal. My best friend was a stuffed egg.

Not my actual Dumpy, but I Googled ’70s Humpty Dumpty and this is Exactly what he looked like!

Humpty Dumpty and I were inseparable. I called him “Dumpy” and couldn’t get to sleep without him by my side. As I got older and he started to fall apart, my mom kept trying to take him away. One time she threw him in the trash, only to have to retrieve him and give him a complete makeover. By then he had lost his floppy arms and legs, so she covered him with fresh fabric and drew on some striped pants and a new face. Humpty Dumpty also reminded me a bit of those cute bobblehead toys, and I’m interested to create a personalized bobblehead someday.

I have no idea at what age I gave up Dumpy, but I’ll never forget him. My son has two stuffed dogs he calls his “woof-woofs.” My husband actually still has his favorite stuffed animal from childhood. It’s a teddy bear named Fuzzy. I made the mistake of putting Fuzzy in the washing machine and had to give him some extensive facial reconstruction, but he’s OK now and has been adopted by our son. We just don’t mention his Elvis-like sneer.

So I’m curious, what was your favorite childhood snuggle toy?

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6 thoughts on “Humpty Dumpty Was My Best Friend

  1. This is giving me flashbacks of those sad moments in Toy Story (1, 2, and 3) when kids eventually gave up their toys :’) lol. My favorite was a purple stuffed horse with big eyes. Her name was Purple.

  2. Funny, I don’t think I ever had a single ONE. Neither did my girls till they reached school age, oddly…

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