The Day the Grinch was Caught in Action

As I snuck down the stairs with a big red sack (it was an old Target bag, the giant size) thinking nobody would notice, I made it as far as three steps before lights started flashing, a loud helicopter noise began and sirens went off. My son appeared out of nowhere going "Hey! What's in … Continue reading The Day the Grinch was Caught in Action

Humpty Dumpty Was My Best Friend

I was scrolling through Instagram and ran across a cute pic of a toddler and stuffed animal and it got me thinking of my favorite stuffed toy. The one that I carried with me everywhere and cuddled up with every night. But mine wasn’t a cute little plush animal. My best friend was a stuffed … Continue reading Humpty Dumpty Was My Best Friend

Toddlers Don’t Understand Advertising

My son is just getting into building things, so when there was an opportunity to apply for a Strictly Briks Tryabox from Tryazon, I signed up immediately. I figured, I've suffered through enough episodes of Ryan's Toy Review, getting kids to review toys looks easy enough. So guess who has a new respect for Ryan … Continue reading Toddlers Don’t Understand Advertising

The Collection Obsession

When I was little (back in the 80s), the first thing I remember being obsessed with was my charm necklace. Or more specifically, the little charms that hook into the plastic chain link necklaces. The charms were everything from tiny unicorns to roller skates. I recall being quite the 3rd grade gangsta loaded down with … Continue reading The Collection Obsession