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He’s Turning the Big Three, Yo!

I threw my first kids party this year for Keelan’s 3rd birthday. My husband’s birthday is a couple days later so they’ve done the combo bday for the first two years. It’s not like Keelan noticed, lol. But with the big 3, I figured it was time he had his own special day.

happy birthday

We booked a party at Bay & Bee play space, and in true mommy blogger fashion, I immediately created a Pinterest board for toddler birthday party inspiration and invited baby store website Birdy Boutique to send a few things to take pics of and use as giveaways.

I pretty much got overwhelmed just figuring out how much food to bring, ignored everything on my Pinterest board and never managed to make those gift bags I thought we just had to have. I gave up on making the food myself and ordered three trays of food from Publix – wraps, veggies and fruit. And despite all my intentions of making fancy decorations, I realized he wasn’t even going to care so I ordered a Cars themed party set off Amazon and some cool removable road tape to use to decorate the floor and called it done on decorations.


The party went by in a super fast blur where I managed to get no pics of the kid stuff because Keelan wouldn’t wear anything! No bow ties, no dinosaur capes and not even his awesome birthday crown! So since I still have some goodies leftover, I’m going to give away a little prize pack from Birdy Boutique- check out the details on my Instagram @SewGeekMama.

happy three years old birthday

Overall, I think it was a success and the birthday boy was happy. He got cars, cars and more cars. Oh, and a big box of Legos he’s not touching again until he’s five. Maybe then he won’t spend the afternoon throwing them in hard to reach places.

Happy Birthday to my baby boy. He’s growing into a little man so fast! A little man that runs around naked and pees on the floor, but still… hard to believe he’s already three!

* Thanks for reading! As usual, any link to Amazon is an affiliate link *

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