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Week in Review: LEGOs, Roller Skating, Upcoming Events and codeSpark

This past week we built a LEGO car, managed to not break anything on Adult Skate Night, rsvp’d to two fun events and got a jump start on coding for kids with codeSpark.

Week in Review – July 20 – 26

We did our first LEGO build

We’ve gotten a lot of LEGO sets since my son was born, but he never had the focus to actually put one together until now. It was a little give and take trying to get this one made, but we did it! And he did a good job helping! I’m pretty sure all these pieces will be immediately lost, so I made sure to take a photo and prove it actually happened. I foresee a lot of LEGO building in my future.

Adult skate night at SK8 City Jacksonville

I used to LOVE roller skating when I was younger and spent many weekend nights at the rink. I was excited to learn that a new rink in town had an Adult Skate night on Sundays, so I rounded up some girl friends to go get our skate on. I was a little less excited when I found out adult skate night served no adult beverages, but I guess it makes sense for the sake of safety, lol.

skate-city-jax (2).JPG

The skating rink had a pretty good size floor compared to other places I’ve been in Jax. The place was nice overall, but the sound system sounded blown and the music was disappointing. The Facebook page said they played a mix of 70s, 80s and 90s, but I think it was mostly 90s slow jams. At least, that’s what I think I was hearing. The sound was really bad and I couldn’t make out the words on most songs or even tell what they were. If I went again for adult skate, I’d wear headphones.

skate-city-jax (2).JPEG

I am going to try and take my son there, however! I’d like to see how he does on skates, and I saw a big banner for KidsSkateFree.com while we were there. It’s like the bowling deal, where you sign up and kids can skate twice a week for free!

Get ready for two fun events coming up in August in Jacksonville!

I’m working on a space themed costume for the GAAM Show: Space GAAM and a white outfit for the Hive Society’s White Party. Both events are a fun excuse to dress up and hang out with friends and maybe meet new friends too!


And now for this week’s Product Sponsor: codeSpark Academy

We had fun learning to use an app called codeSpark that gets kids ages 5-9 interested in coding by teaching them to create their own games. My son is only four and he was able to create short little games that reminded me of Super Mario, although his favorite game involves making a pet poop. Give a little boy an option to make something poop and you’ve got a winner.


Their latest news: “codeSpark has partnered with Girl Scouts of the USA to create nine new Coding for Good badges to teach girls the basics of coding and how the coding process offers opportunities for girls to use their skills for good.”

Girl Scouts members can find more information at https://codespark.com/girl-scouts.

If you’re not part of the Girl Scouts, don’t worry! In celebration of these new badges, codeSpark has a special offer for all families to try one month FREE so that every kid has the opportunity to begin coding early. Just use code: CODING4GOOD

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