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The Drunken Chef Party

Last weekend I had another ladies night gathering, this time a triple header with a fashion truck, Pampered Chef demo and drink mixes by Minute Mixology.

I deemed it “The Drunken Chef” party and then found this awesome/ridiculous photo on Google. I think everyone needs one of these for Christmas:


I set up a mix-your-own drink station, prepped the ingredients, cleared the driveway, and then it was party time!

Belle of the Boulevard

If you have’t had a fashion truck at your party, I highly recommend it! I loved the way she set it up so it’s not just a truck you can shop in, it’s a full on mobile boutique complete with a little sitting area!

It’s been so hard for for me to actually get to a boutique lately that it was a total treat to have the boutique brought to me. Everybody had a lot of fun shopping in my driveway.

It’s a ten person minimum to have the truck set up and you get a great hostess discount! If you are in the Jacksonville area and interested, check out their Facebook page and send a message:

Minute Mixology

These handy little drink mix packets are perfect for busy people who like fancy cocktails with natural ingredients. They sent me six flavors to try so I put together a sampling bar where people could try some premade cocktails or mix their own. Each drink takes about 6 oz of a liquid and 1.5 oz of booze, pour packet in and stir.

The margaritas were really popular and the spicy margarita was Spicey! The Moscow Mule and Coconut Mojito tied for second, but the Old Fashioned got no love because bourbon wasn’t really a drink of choice for the ladies. The Michelada was also a tough sell since nobody wanted to mix beer with their liquor.

Check out Effie from Project_Mom_Strong showing how easy it is to mix up a cocktail!

My only question for them was if a cosmo was on their to-do list, and the answer is yes! The place to get these locally is Lucky’s Market or shop online at

Pampered Chef

I love cooking so I always wanted to attend a Pampered Chef party and try out the products. I got to choose two recipes and then the consultant Kay gave me a grocery list for the food and she brought everything else.

She set up two stations, one for chicken nacho dip and one for brownies. Then we got to cooking! I had been eyeing the Simple Slicer in the catalog so I was excited to see that was one of the things we got to use.

We had a moment of excitement when the stoneware pan we cooked the chicken on broke apart as I was pulling it out of the oven. And then broke again when I set it on the counter! I just read the reviews for it on the website and apparently this is a common complaint.

Thankfully everything else worked great and the nacho dip and brownies were delicious.

Brownies with peanut butter drizzle ready for the oven!

Brownies with peanut butter drizzle ready for the oven!

If you are looking to set up your own party, just click here to contact Kay. You can even do a virtual party on Facebook! The only drawback is you have to have $200 in sales at your party to get any kind of discount. So Facebook is probably the best way to go anyway since you won’t have to spend any money on food or entertaining.

Overall the party was a lot of fun! And big thanks to Minute Mixology for sending the drink mixes, Belle of the Boulevard for the private VIP shopping experience and Kay from Pampered Chef for setting us up with some yummy treats.

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