How to Make Edible Yogurt Paint

I’d been wanting to try making yogurt paint for a while for my son, but was worried it was going to stain my walls, grout and tub. Then one day last week my son was resisting his bath and I didn’t feel like putting up a fight, so I decided to get a little creative instead.

It also helped that he had opened two yogurt containers, took one tiny bite and then declared they were the wrong kind. Sometimes I think wasting food is a national toddler pastime.

How to Make Edible Yogurt Paint

Making the paint is really easy- I spooned out the yogurt into four little bowls (about 1/4 cup in each) and added 4-5 drops of food coloring. They all developed a nice bright hue even though I was using strawberry pink yogurt.

He had a blast painting the tub, walls, toys and even himself! And the good news is it rinsed right off and didn’t stain anything. As an added bonus the tub got clean too! I think I’d still be cautious is we had tile with older, porous grout, but this tub has smooth walls so it was easy to clean.

It does get really messy, as you can see from the photo, so I recommend doing it in a tub that has a removable shower head. It makes for a much easier clean-up when you can just spray it off the walls!

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