A Toddler’s First Movie, and It Was Totally Incredible

I was super excited to take K to see The Incredibles 2 this week! I feel I am so out of the loop on movies, so being able to take him to a theater is really taking it up a notch on our possible family friendly activity list. We weren’t entirely sure how it would go (are you ever really?) so we mentally prepared ourselves for seeing half a movie and ended up being happily surprised!

I am happy to say he did great! And the glass of wine I had made things even better. That’s right, I relaxed with a glass of wine, in the early afternoon. Yay for me! It’s been so long since I enjoyed going out to the movies that I’m still giddy over the fact I can buy booze while stuffing myself with popcorn.

We are a little out of practice and were mostly winging it, so a simple movie afternoon may have reached around the $60 mark after tickets, food, drinks and treats, but we didn’t care, we were out a movie in the afternoon! And I quite honestly can’t tell you last time I did that.


If you do try to take your toddler to a movie, you may want to arrive a good 20 minutes after start time. We had just over 30 minutes worth of previews! Our 1:00 movie start at 1:37 😳.

So by the time the movie actually started, he was already getting squirmy. We visited the potty a few times, and I let him run up and down the side ramp for a bit while I stood off to the side and watched the movie. Then when we got back to the seats he just wanted to sit in my lap for the rest the movie, which I was OK with because it was some pretty sweet snuggle time.

But we made it through the whole movie and now I feel like a whole new level of fun just opened up. I’m already planning to go see Hotel Transylvania 3 next!

Have you taken your little one to the movies yet? How’d it go? What did you see?

Edible Yogurt Paint, Nope It Doesn’t Stain

I’d been wanting to try making yogurt paint for a while, but was worried it was going to stain my walls, grout and tub. Then one day last week my son was resisting his bath and I didn’t feel like putting up a fight, so I decided to get a little creative instead.

It also helped that he had opened two yogurt containers, took one tiny bite and then declared they were the wrong kind. Sometimes I think wasting food is a national toddler pastime.

I spooned out the yogurt into four little bowls (about 1/4 cup in each) and added 4-5 drops of food coloring. They all developed a nice bright hue even though I was using strawberry pink yogurt.

He had a blast painting the tub, walls, toys and even himself! And the good news is it rinsed right off and didn’t stain anything. As an added bonus the tub got clean too! I think I’d still be cautious is we had tile with older, porous grout, but this tub has smooth walls so it was easy to clean.