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My Week in Review- Dream Day, Disney, Wine in a Box and One Messy Toddler

I had quite an eventful week between a charity event and a Disney vacation! I’m back at home and catching up on things, so here’s a few highlights from the past week – 


Dream Day with PRI Productions and Make-A-Wish foundation –


This past week I suited up as Antiope and spent the day at an annual event that gives children with life threatening illnesses an amazing day to have fun and just be a kid. They get dressed up and then parade down a red carpet into an amazing wonderland of characters, candy, entertainment and activities. I was very happy to be a part of this incredible event!

All last week we participated in a 5 Day Toddler Messy Play Challenge put on by My Bored Toddler. Each day we had a different messy activity to do, take pics of and share. We did it the first four days (shaving cream, oobleck, jello and colored spaghetti) but skipped the 5th day, which was playing in dirt and K does that every single day at some point. My favorite thing was the oobleck, which is just corn starch and water mixed together to make a crazy paste that goes from hard to runny and back again depending on what you do with it.

I’m enjoying all the research I’m doing for an article on boxed wine. I’ve taken it upon myself to try out several brands of boxed wine to see if it is a more cost effective way of supporting my wine habit. Typically one box equals four bottles at a fraction of the price. My previous experiences with Franzia’s white zinfandel back in the day have made me hesitant to invest in an entire box of the stuff, but so far I’ve enjoyed the ones I’ve tried. My white zin days are long gone, so I’ve been focusing on the red blends. So far, the Bota Box RedVolution has been my favorite. But, the research continues!

We got four day Disney Explorer passes a while back, used just one day, then realized they were going to expire soon. So that’s how we found ourselves at three different Disney parks in three days in the middle of June. The heat was sweltering, so my biggest Disney tip is – don’t go in the summer! It was a fun little vacation though and K really enjoyed seeing everything, although there wasn’t a lot he could ride at the other parks. I think we will wait until he is at least 38″ tall before going back, because that seems to be the most common height requirement.


That’s it for this week! How about you guys? Anything exciting happen? Any favorite boxed wines to suggest?

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