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Back to School Shopping for Pre-School

lisa frank trapper keeperI used to LOVE back to school shopping! I would get so excited to have all that fresh notebook paper (maybe I’d get fancy with college rule this year!) and pick out a new Lisa Frank unicorn folder and put it all in my awesome Trapper Keeper. Then I’d pick out pencils, take them home and make them extra sharp. And of course I’d need a really cute eraser to go with the pencils.

My son is heading back to pre-school in August and it seems my school supply shopping enthusiasm will need to be tamped down a bit. At least until he actually starts using school supplies.

So here’s his big back-to-school shopping list:

  1. Labels for everything
  2. Lunch box
  3. No wait, we have a lunch box, go back to step 1 and get a label for it

Pre-schoolers need labels for their clothes, bags, lunch boxes and if they are in the 2/3 class then also for diapers and wipes and maybe a sippy cup. We are heading into real-deal have to be potty trained pre-K this year so I guess I’ll be labeling underwear now instead.4679208

You can go with the Sharpie option and write it right on their stuff, but since this is really the only school supply I get to pick out, I figure why not get something really cute like custom labels?

Bright Star Kids sent me their Designer School Labels Value Kit ($42.95 for 200 labels) and the Transport Bag Tag ($6.95) to test out. The labels are waterproof and dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe. There are tons of cute designs to choose from too.

labels for school

We are ready to get labeling!

They are easy to put on and come in both stick-on and iron-on styles. This is a nice upgrade from my Sharpie scribbles I did last year. If you order now you’ll have them in time for the first day of school! Use code THANKUS and save 15% until Aug. 31, 2018


Shop the website: Bright Star Kids and visit them on Twitter & Facebook!

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