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First Day of Preschool Derailed by Lunchbox

We were all set for the first day of school. The school bag was packed, school shirts were washed and ready, and we got a new fancy lunchbox that could hold twice as much as his lunchbox from last year. He was so excited he had to try it on and then put things in and out of it:

This was no ordinary lunchbox! This was an Arctic Zone insulated lunch bag with three ice packs that keep food cold for ten hours. It has a leak-proof lining and made with Microban antimicrobial protection. The easy-clean exterior is made from of water and stain resistant Rhino-Tech®. We could fit all kinds of food in there! We were leveling up and ready to eat ALL THE FOOD.

Then we went to do the classroom visit and everything went so great, he was all smiles after:


So on the first day, everything was going smoothly until I grabbed his school bag and new lunchbox. He wanted his old lunchbox. I said no, I packed the new one. Then it just went downhill from there.

He refused to carry his bag. He didn’t even want to carry himself in and kept asking me to hold him. I told him I wasn’t carrying his bag, lunchbox and him and he needed to walk into school on his own two legs.

He didn’t like that at all.


And he wasn’t having my first day picture taking one bit.


I kept trying to get a decent photo, and all I managed to get was a less angry, mostly apathetic photo when I caught him by surprise right before we walked in the room. At least one of us looks happy!


He hung up his bag and lunchbox, and then the tears started to fall as I made my way to the door. His teacher gave me a look that said “Make a run for it,” so I did.

And guess what? I picked him up and he was ALL smiles. And he had a lot to say about his new lunchbox and how much he liked all the extra room. Even the teacher he has lunch with commented on what an upgrade it was from last year’s lunchbox. He had a small Bento Box style bag before and it never fit his entire lunch, so there was always a stray apple or banana getting squashed in his school bag. But now, everything fits!

So thank you to Arctic Zone for sending us this cool new lunchbox for school this year. You can find this one and many more on their website and Amazon.

Hope everyone is enjoying their new school year so far!


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  1. My mornings are frequently derailed by shoes. There will be one kid that refuses to wear his/her new shoes right before we walk out of the house and wants to wear their old, nasty pair. All that time wasted and money we spent picking out new pairs so they don’t look crusty at school and suddenly they don’t like their new shoes or they don’t fit and…cue the tantrum! I’m glad that it all worked out in the end for you and thankfully, your son ended up having a good day!


    • We have been there with the shoes! LOL! Which is actually why I sent him to school with his old crusty pair on the first day. One less thing to fight about! Although he kept insisting he wanted to wear flipflops and I had to bring his shoes with us and put them on there. Kids are great right?!? lol


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