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First Day of Pre-K, No Tears and a Lot of Cheers

My mom loves to tell me the story of my first day of school and how she cried, and then hung around trying to peek in the windows until they made her leave. I took a different approach, as the only tears I may have shed were tears of joy as I walked to my car daydreaming about the next few hours that were MINE ALL MINE!

My friend Effie’s son was also starting school, so we made plans to meet for brunch, which I think is a new awesome tradition.

First day or pre-school cheers

Cheers to the new school year!

So here’s to a great school year! And me finally getting caught up on e-mails, blog stuff and maybe even that pile of laundry that has been sitting on the dining room table the entire summer.

I did of course commemorate the occasion with photos, which he absolutely refused to do at first. He finally relented and made mom happy after we got to school and I got my cute pic!

Happy school year moms and dads! How did your first day go?


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  1. Haha! Too cute! We made it, tomorrow itโ€™ll be a week. My four year old, not understand why other little ones continue to cry, has been a little sad all week. ๐Ÿ˜Œ But sheโ€™ll be ok, sheโ€™s that little mom, that is sensitive to others.


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