Our First Day of Preschool was AWESOME

We started the first day like so many do – with a photo and a sign:


I told myself “Don’t cry! Don’t cry!” as I helped him get settled in and hang up his tote bag. He was growing up so fast!


And as I kissed him by, I realized I had 4 hours ahead of me to do whatever I wanted. However I wanted. Whenever I wanted. So first I went and got a pedicure.


Then I went shopping! I wandered the aisles slowly and got to stop and look at whatever I wanted. It was glorious.


Then I took myself to lunch. I ate slowly and actually got to taste my food. I didn’t even have to share. It was a lovely lunch.


And then I went home and took a nap.



21 thoughts on “Our First Day of Preschool was AWESOME

    1. I feel like a new woman! Actually, I feel a little bit more like myself now. I had a bunch of stuff on my to-do list and then I realized I hadn’t had time like that to myself in a loooong time so I took advantage of it!


    1. I had to do it! I only have tues & thurs mornings to work with so I knew I’d be cramming everything I need to get done into those two days. I figure what’s waiting another day? So I enjoyed the hell out of it 🙂


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