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Do You Really Want to Know What I’m Thinking About?

My husband is one of those people that always asks “What are you thinking about?” It’s possible I may project a look that I am deep in thought, because there’s always this low level of constant brain chatter happening inside my head. Sometimes it’s just anxiety and I’m mulling over some insignificant detail. Sometimes it’s something important. But more often than not, it’s some random thought that popped into my head that’s just weird. So when he breaks that chain of thought with the question “What are you thinking about?” I often just blurt out exactly what’s in my head.

kid in glasses

So uhhhh…watcha thinkin about? Hmmmm?

For example: The other night at dinner my thoughts wandered after seeing a commercial or something about the celebrities associated with Star Wars. My husband notices and pops the question.

My answer? Darth Vader

Or specifically, how it seems like the actor who played the original Darth Vader has really gotten the shaft on this whole celebrity convention thing. You see all the Jedi, droids and even the wookiee out there signing photos and milking it, but you never see the guy who was in that iconic suit. Everybody knows James Earl Jones was the voice, but who’s the guy that was really in the suit?

This is where I think maybe my husband regrets asking me this question, though he continues to do it after all these years. Sometimes I try and make something up if I happen to be thinking something really off the wall. Like work…yeah I’m thinking about work again. You got me!

And just in case now I’ve got YOU wondering what happened to Darth Vader, well I did some research and the guy who physically wore the suit is David Prowse, but the face you see at the end when he removes his mask is Sebastian Shaw. There’s some scandal about how Prowse may have leaked plot details and things between him and George Lucas didn’t go so well and now he’s being left out of everything. There’s even a documentary about him called “I Am Your Father.”

So there, now you know what’s in my head and what happened to the original Vader. So, what are YOU thinking about? 

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  1. Oh no! Wow! Thank you for those interesting facts. I mean what’s wrong with the man wanting some well deserved credit?! 😣 It’s him in the suit for crying out loud – I think we all want to know, who’s in there! My kids know him, as the man that does Mufasa’s voice or Simbas dad because they know they’re two different actors playing the role. I’ve also heard Prowse is about 7 ft tall?! Insane.


  2. So…three men essentially portrayed Darth Vader, but only one of them is recognized and celebrated for the role. Huh, that’s really interesting. 😯


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