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A blog question everybody always asks is “What platform do you use?” You can do WordPress, Blogger, self-host…I’m sure there’s more but I haven’t looked too far into it. I’ve been using WordPress for over 10 years now!

Recently I was researching where some of my blog traffic was coming from, and I ran across an article published a few months ago called Popular Mom Blogs of 2018 Built with WordPress. I scrolled through and found Geek Mamas at #21. They did a nice little write-up and called the blog “informative, funny and entertaining.” I was pretty happy to read that, because that’s exactly what I’m going for. 🙂

Popular mom blogs of 2018

I started my first blog around 2005, on Blogger. It was about my costumes and events. I later moved the blog to WordPress and have stayed there ever since. I find it easier to use and I like the templates better. I also like the built-in community and the reader function. I’m sure there’s all kind of wonderful things associated with self-hosting, but I haven’t even looked into it yet. I know I can manage to figure everything out about my WP blog on my own, and usually rather quickly. I can do all the tweaks, add the widgets and make it look the way I want just by clicking a few buttons. There’s also advanced stuff I haven’t even gotten into yet.

So right now, I’m happy to be a WordPress Mom Blog using a (free!) template. I still have a lot to learn about all this blog stuff. I may have been blogging for years, but I never really considered myself a “blogger” until this year. It’s been a great year too! Looking forward to learning more and growing even more next year.

*I should clarify that I do have a paid business account, because I don’t like all those ads on the blog otherwise, but I still use the original free template I started with. It’s called Colinear.


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18 thoughts on “Happy to be a WordPress Mom Blog

  1. Congrats.
    Personally, I have used WIX, I was on Xanga when they were around and tried wordpress a few years ago- I’ll never go to anything else.
    It’s easy to use, easy to learn and one of the most popular (if not the most popular) platforms.
    I actually did something I have never done- paid for a membership. I don’t monetize or anything but I like it being a .com instead of a wordpress.com
    I call myself a “mommy blogger” but I started this to work on getting into freelance (all my jobs so far from been after showing my site) and I’m slowly moving my Etsy shop over here as well.
    I would never use anything but wordpress. The site I write for now also uses wordpress- so it’s nice, I already know how to work the blogs.

      1. I actually paid for my account, but I started with a free template and stuck with it even after paying. It’s called colinear. It’s just a really clean set-up that you can make a lot of tweaks to.

      2. This site is paid.
        I have the premium and will be going to business because I’m working on this one with moving my Etsy shop over here. With the other 2 I just use basic already made layouts.

    1. I briefly tried WIX too. I found it very limiting. I agree about having the .com! I don’t do the monetization thing either because I hate blogs covered with ads. It’s just too annoying so I don’t want to go there, lol.

  2. That’s amazing. I just started a blog. I’m a unconventional mom. And just blogging about my battle with severe epilepsy while trying to live a normal life. Normal isn’t always what we get. I’ve posted two blogs, no followers yet. 🙄 Do you have any advice to promote?

    1. You are doing good if you are already seeking out other blogs and commenting! That’s a great way to get more followers. I actually have a whole blog post about how I increased my page views.I’d link it but I’m on the road right now. Family vacation 😁

  3. I self host on wordpress.org and honestly there are times when I wish I had stayed with wordpress.com, some things made it better and easier with my old blog. But I really do enjoy doing it myself at everydayadventureswithkatie.com, my self hosted site

  4. Over 10 years! Congratulations on sticking through! I’m a little over a month in and didn’t realize how much “work” it still is no matter how much I love doing it. The fact that you’ve kept at it this long is amazing in itself. Keep up the good work 😽

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