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Week in Review – Coop 303, Moms Night Out, a Day at the Farm and WHODIDS

We had a fun week with two mom events, a much needed date night and trying out a new game.

Week in Review Oct. 1 – Oct. 7

Coop 303 – We finally got to try out the newest restaurant in Atlantic Beach, Coop 303. The first time we stopped in there was a two hour wait so we passed on it. Next try was around 6 PM on a weekday and there was no wait at all. We ended up sitting at the bar though because we never get to do that anymore unless we are out on “date night.” I’m happy to say the food was delicious! It’s another one of those fancy southern food places, so we tried the Fried Green Tomatoes, Fried Pork Belly and Chicken and Waffles.

Mom Night Out – I love a good Moms Night Out! We had a lot of fun at the Jax Mom’s Blog Mom’s Night Out event with Meredith from That’s Inappropriate. We got our hair braided, made a craft, got a little percussion massage, drank wine and laughed at Meredith’s funny mom stories and videos.

Down on the Farm – On Sunday we did another Jax Mom’s Blog event, this time the Fall Family Day at Celestial Farms. The kids had a ton of fun petting the animals, feeding ducks, riding the tractor train and just playing on everything. We lucked out and had a more mild weather day than the usual 90 degree heat we’ve been having. Celestial Farms is a pretty neat place to bring the kids, and they have a lot of other events there too!

WHODIDS – When Derek, the creator of WHODIDS, sent me an e-mail about his new game he grabbed my attention with the line “Made by a geek dad for geek parents everywhere.” So how could I resist giving it a try? I did warn him that my three-year-old may just tear through it and throw the cards around. If you saw my IG TV post, then you saw I was pretty much spot on with that prediction.


WHODIDS is “a universe of fun where kids get things done” – parents challenge everyday tasks and kids get them done for points. My son doesn’t get the whole magic of earning “points” yet, but he did enjoy the cards. The game has a pretty cool concept and I think we could put it to use in the future, so I carefully packed it back up and put it with all the other safely hidden toys to pull back out at the right development stage. It’s recommended for ages four and up and could be a fun motivational tool for getting kids to help out around the house, get things done and earn rewards.


So that’s it for last week! This week I’m looking forward to heading to the Smoky Mountains in NC and getting to see a little bit of Fall since it’s still blazing hot here in Florida.

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