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Week in Review – A Field Trip, A Road Trip, Meatballs and a Shower Curtain Made for Moms

It was quite a busy week! I started by touring a local paper mill, braved the giant expanse of IKEA for a new chair, went on a road trip to the Smoky Mountains and tried out a cool shower curtain by Summora that has special pockets for your phone and baby monitor.

Week in Review Oct. 8 – Oct. 14

Blogger field trip – My week started off with the unique opportunity to tour the Georgia-Pacific Paper Mill in Palatka. It was pretty cool! They even gave us customized hard hats. I totally felt like I was going on a school field trip. I’ll be doing a full blog post on the visit soon and talk about all the stuff I learned. I’ll never look at toilet paper the same again!

IKEA Meatballs – We made a trip to IKEA to get me a new office chair to make my blogging booty more comfortable. My old chair was nice but it was slowly falling apart, and by that I mean slowly being picked apart by a 3-year-old who can’t resist its crumbling armrests. The place is huge so it took a while to wander the aisles. By the time we were done, we were hungry so we figured might as well try those famous meatballs. I’d heard a lot of about them but never tasted one! So we got the meatball dinner with mashed potatoes and vegetables. My review? They were OK, lol. I wouldn’t go there just for the meatballs. I’d probably try something else on their menu next time.


Road Trip – We hit the road this week and headed to a cabin in the Smoky Mountains. I wanted to check some things off the “never got to do this” list so we went gem mining and apple picking. We also stopped at the Sierra Nevada brewery and visited Darnell Farms and picked our own pumpkin out of the pumpkin patch!

Clearly cool shower curtain – Before we left I put up a new shower curtain made with moms in mind. I remember when Keelan was a baby and I’d prop the baby monitor up on the bathroom counter and peek at it every five seconds, waiting for that wailing that starts as soon as you put shampoo in your hair. Summora has created a nifty clear shower curtain with special pockets to hold your baby monitor, phone and iPad. And the plastic is heat-sensitive so you can actually use your phone through the curtain! Talk about multi-tasking. *2021 Update: On last check, the shower curtain was no longer available

I also found it handy for holding other items I tend to lose in the shower, like my comb. I was really impressed with how well the phone and baby monitor worked through the curtain! I makes it easy to change your Pandora station or zoom in and see with the kiddo is doing.  There are three viewing heights – a lower one for bathing, a medium height for kids and a taller height for teens or adults. The eight pockets are both vertical and horizontal so you can choose the direction of your device. It’s made from high quality EVA material, so though it feels very thin, it’s actually strong and durable. And for the environmentally conscious, it’s also 100% odorless, mildew resistant, mold resistant, non-toxic, PVC free, antibacterial, antimicrobial and chloride free!

That’s it for last week! This week I’ll be working on those longer blog posts I mentioned and getting ready for the big WasabiCon weekend. Hope you all are enjoying the fall weather! We got a little taste of it here in Florida and then it went right back to 90 degrees. I can’t believe Halloween is right around the corner. I’d love to hear what costumes everyone is planning. And let me know what you guys think about those IKEA meatballs, lol.

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