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Week in Review: Same Name, New Geek, Christmas Cards, Santa on Fire and Adagio Tea

Last week I was musing about changing the name of the Week in Review to something like “Blog Digest.” That’s as far as I got. I’ve been doing the weekly review for a bit and I think I’ll just keep the same old name. The only thing I can’t seem to keep the same is day of the week I post it! So here’s this weeks…wait for it…

Week in Review: Dec. 4 – 11

BookGiveawayNew Blog Feature – Last week I had the first Geek of the Week feature, which I hope to make a weekly thing (hence the name.) I plan to interview not just bloggers, but a wide variety of geeky mamas. If you are a geeky mama reading this and would like to be a featured geek, feel free to shoot me an e-mail at candy@geekmamas.com! And check out last week’s post to read about DorkyMomDoodles.com and enter the giveaway to win her new book.

It’s Christmas Card Time! – I was determined to get a nice family photo around our new firepit, so I set up the phone with the self-timer and ran around trying to get everyone in place and looking in the same direction. It was a lot of taking a pic, readjusting, taking another pic, etc.

I had already pressed the self-timer and was getting ready to run to my seat when I heard a squeal, saw my husband jump up, my son went running and a santa hat burst into flames. Our three-year-old decided to whip off his hat and throw it in the fire pit. They sure make those things flammable for a guy who goes down chimneys, lol. My husband fished it out pretty quickly, but it was totally on fire and half melted.

The christmas card outtake

We did finally manage to get a good photo of all of us, though the fire pit didn’t exactly make the cut!


Adagio Advent Calendar – My favorite thing this past week has been the Tea Advent Calendar from Adagio. Every day you open a new little section as you count down the days until Christmas. Every day there is a new fun and unique tea! This is only exciting of course if you really like tea. I’ve had fun trying new types of tea every day and just having an excuse (and a reminder) to stop for a minute and enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon. You can find the calendar (and lots of tea!) at Adagio.com.

That’s it for my week!

So, did you get your Christmas cards done yet?

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  1. I have that same tea calendar. I’ve found some that are really good and some… yeah no thanks But it is a fun adult countdown


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