Geek of the Week

Geek of the Week: Effie from Project Mom Strong

This week’s featured geek is my friend Effie Quintana, who posts daily workouts on her Instagram as *Project Mom Strong,  or PMS as we so fondly call it. Effie inspires me to get to the gym and always represents the geek with her cool R2-D2 backpack, which she may or may not have swiped from her son, Alex. * Project Mom Strong is currently on hiatus after the birth of Effie’s second child. A little girl!

1) Introduce yourself:

I’m Effie, a fitness professional, influencer and overall fit lifestyle motivator for all moms and busy women on the go.  I love sharing what I do to stay in shape and how I keep fit while juggling being a mom. I don’t have a website up right now but it is a work in progress! But I do you have an Instagram page and Facebook page that I share fitness inspiration on every week. And my YouTube channel is loaded with fitness videos that can keep you exercising all year!

geek of the week
Princess Effie

2) What do you geek out on? 

Unfortunately I don’t really have much time to geek out on anything anymore. Fortunately being friends with Candy definitely helps fill in that space in my life. Every once in a while we get to dress up as these as awesome characters and attend all kinds of conventions. I’ve never experienced those kind of events before Candy but I will have to say it is a blast! I think I’ve learned more about comic books with her in the last year than I have my entire life! So I guess I kind of geek out on becoming characters and dressing up with Candy 🙂

3) Marvel or DC? and Why?

I guess I would have to say DC since I’m such a huge Batman fan. I do love characters across-the-board on both sides. But Batman has always been my number one!

4) Star Wars or Star Trek? and Why?

Star Wars! Honestly I wasn’t much of a Star Wars fan before I met my husband. But he brought me into the fascinating world and now seeing my son totally get into it really makes it so much more exciting.  I love playing with the action figures with him and reading the books to him at night.

5) Were you a geeky kid or did you come into it later in life?

I’m not sure if I was! I think so?  I was a little all over the place 🙂  I was a huge fan of Disney princesses but at the same time I was a huge fan of Batman growing up. I remember friends coming over and always being surprised to see my bedroom. My walls were covered in Batman posters and I had a huge Batman card collection.

6) Are your kids into the geek stuff too?

Definitely! Alex is a huge Star Wars fan. At three-years-old he can already name pretty much all the characters and he has a huge collection of books that we read to him at bedtime. He loves pointing at the pictures and telling me everybody’s names. He knows who the good guys are and the bad guys.  This past year we started our Star Wars tree ornament collection. I’m pretty sure in the next couple years our entire tree will be covered in Star Wars characters 🙂

7) Are you working on anything right now you’d like to share?

I’m currently working on my next fitness challenge. It’ll probably be beginning early February. Details will be up soon on my social media pages. Find me as Project_Mom_Strong on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.


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