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Geek of the Week: Christy Marie from Geek Mom Life

This week’s Geek of the Week is a mom blogger, LEGO fanatic and former child TV star (scroll down for the evidence) that’s about to welcome a new little girly geek any day now. Check out her blog for coverage of all the geeky stuff you were probably expecting to find here at Geek Mamas and then discovered it’s really just me complaining about potty training and tantrums with an occasional Star Wars reference.

1) Introduce yourself:

I’m Christy Marie aka Geek Mom. I’m a mother and a blogger, cosplayer, a huge AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) and a photographer. My website is and I’m @GeekMomLife on Instagram, Twitter, FB & Pinterest. I blog local San Francisco Bay Area events and about geeky products and fandoms.


2) What do you geek out on?

I have so many fandoms! The Walking Dead has been a huge one for me since the comics and I love the show too. Negan and Daryl are my dudes and I am a huge zombie fan. I have even cosplayed as female version of both of them. When I am Negan people ask me to kill them all day at Cons, its great! IMG_6271

I also love Star Wars, Willow, Lord of the Rings, Ghostbusters (yes the female version too!), Star Trek, Alien, The Dark Crystal, Firefly, Labyrinth, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Legend, How to Train Your Dragon, Nightmare Before Christmas and Jurassic Park. I would really like to cosplay a character from all my favorite fandoms. My fiancé Danny and I only got into cosplay in the last 5 years or so. Also, I have to order most of it because sadly I can’t sew. My favorite cosplays are turning male characters into female, it’s so much fun to just let go and be someone else for a day especially when they have super powers or cool weapons right?


We are also constantly at Lego conventions. Danny and I have, well let’s just say, a few too many Lego sets.


3) Marvel or DC? and Why?

I love strong female heroes and villains so there are two totally different reasons I like each. DC has the better female villains like Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Cat Woman, who I adore. But Marvel has the better female heroes like Rogue (my all time favorite), Jessica Jones, The Wasp, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel, Squirrel Girl, Domino, man I could go on all day. Plus my first ever cosplay was Scarlet Witch and Danny was Nick Fury, so if I had to choose one I would definitely choose Marvel.


4) Star Wars or Star Trek? and Why?

Star Wars over Star Trek for me. I have such a love and admiration for General Leia, she is the biggest reason this fandom wins out. I have a big Leia collection of toys, comics and memorabilia. She never put her hand on her head and fainted, or yelled save me, or anything like that she took charge and kicked butt. When I was little I looked up to her and wanted to be her. She has always been my favorite movie character, with Ripley from Alien as a close second. The geek industry has such a shortage of bad ass moms like Leia and Ripley. And newer Star Wars characters like Rey and Jyn Erso have made me fall in love with the fandom all over again. Plus the world of Star Wars always seemed more real to me, all the characters and especially the Jedi, I have always wanted to be a Jedi.


5) Were you a geeky kid or did you come into it later in life?

I was a hugely geeky kid, got bullied by girls for wearing Star Wars shirts and talking about things like Willow (my favorite movie as a kid) not that any of it has stopped me in 35 years. It was hard to find a place to fit in, all the girls at school watched Boy meets World and Saved by the Bell, I was watching Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Ninja Turtles, the animated X-men series and Sea Quest. I found out that I fit in better with the boys and can even remember playing Ninja Turtles with my guy buddies on the playground in elementary school. I was always April keeping the boys out of trouble. I also loved Nickelodeon and was even a contestant on Legends of the Hidden Temple, remember that show? Though I didn’t get past the first round, it was a lot harder than it looked!


6) Are your kids into the geek stuff too?

My son is a huge geek, and he has grown up proud to talk about his fandoms and has never been bullied for it. Crazy how that has changed over the years. He goes to conventions with us, loves to dress up and can talk fan theory just like adults.


I’m pretty proud of how much of a confident geek he is, because for me that means I raised him right. We also have a baby girl due at the end of the month and we will be bringing her up on all the best fandoms and she can family cosplay with us too!


7) Are you working on anything right now you’d like to share?

Sadly I can’t fit in any of my cosplays right now so I can’t work on those, though I did just wear a shirt to a Con over the weekend that got some serious attention. Its had a Death Star on it and said ‘That’s No Moon!’.


The project I am currently finishing though is putting the final touches on our baby girl’s nursery before I post it in my latest blog. It is all Star Wars themed! I actually had quite a hard time finding things not only for a baby that was Star Wars themed, but especially stuff showing female characters. It took me pretty much the whole pregnancy to put it together and I’m very proud of it.

I can’t wait to show her all of our fandoms and get her excited about their characters and stories. Being able to enjoy my fandoms with my family will always be my favorite thing!


Big thanks to Christy Marie for answering my questions and congrats on her impending arrival! I am LOVING that Star Wars nursery. I really wanted to do that wall decal but it would have to say “I am a Jedi, Like my Mother before me.” Dad is more G.I. Joe than Jedi around here.


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  1. My husband and son are our resident geeks, but I have to admit I’m becoming one too. My son would love that Lego collection for sure! In this house it is Marvel, then DC, and then Star Wars and Doctor Who.


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