Mommy Bloggers Ruined Pinterest

When Pinterest first came out, I thought it was a great place to find and collect cool photos of things and inspiration. I created boards like “Hair Color Ideas” or “House Inspiration” and they were filled with pretty photos I could easily glance at while looking over the board. Fast forward to a few years later, while trying to create a “Kitchen Ideas” collection and all I can find are articles from bloggers and the same five photos over and over.

mommy bloggers ruined pinterest pinnable image

Check out this Pinnable image!

As a mom blogger, I always felt like Pinterest was just lurking in the background, waiting for me to embrace it and jump in. I kept hearing about all this magical traffic that people got from creating pinnable images and joining group boards. Whispers of things like “Canva” and “Tailwind.” I knew I needed to get back on there and do the very thing I found so annoying, but I was reluctant.

I wasn’t ready to add yet another social media outlet to my already crowded plate. Also there’s the added work of making sure you add those pinnable blog photos that bloggers use to drive traffic. It’s almost like making a little magazine cover for each post.

Back in the day, you could search “Garden Ideas” and a ton of cool photos would pop up with ideas and link back to the site where they were found. Now if you search the same thing, a bunch of blog articles pop up with boring cover photos (like mine above) and all lead to articles like “15 Fun Garden Ideas” and “5 Things I Wish I knew About Gardening.” Not very inspiring to look at.

After being repeatedly frustrated by the new Pinterest dynamic, I finally gave in and decided to join the hoards of bloggers already on there pinning their blog posts. You can find me at:

I’m still learning the ins and outs, the descriptions and hashtags, the different types of images that work best and even dipping my toe into the group board thing. On that note, if you have a group board, send me an invite! I don’t really know where to start.

I’ve accepted that the older, cooler Pinterest is gone and have resorted to doing the same thing I did before Pinterest came along: searching Google images and just making my own idea folders on my computer. I am now a mommy blogger, and I am on Pinterest pinning my posts just like the rest of them! I haven’t yet learned the whole Tailwind thing, but it’s on my to-do list.

Feel free to drop your favorite Pinterest tips or links to your profiles or articles. I can use all the help I can get!

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  1. I still have found a lot of quality pins on Pinterest. I don’t use it for my blog (I do for my Etsy)
    I primarily use it to get ideas for crafts and stuff. I found one really good site because I’m wanting to try to make some soap with my kids and I want to do it right (and use ingredients that won’t make me and my 8 year old break out- we both have Eczema but she loves bath bombs and fancy soaps)
    I have also slacked off on even going on there to find anything at all, but figuring it out for my Etsy shop is most definitely on my to-do list for 2019.


      • People swear by pinterest but I’m still trying to learn. We just got approved to buy (first time home buyer) and I’m holding off on trying further photos until we find a good home, hopefully with good lighting and can take better quality pictures. I used to consider myself a better than horrible photographer but product photos are making me think that considering myself non professionally average was giving myself too much credit. Lol


  2. Love it lol. Pinterest used to be so different, but I am a blogger using Pinterest to funnel traffic my way now too. I am still learning all the ups and downs, I can tell ya Tailwind is magical. I forget to Pin and it does the pinning for me. I set it up at early Monday morning and am able to forget about it until the next Monday. If you decide to jump in with it, get the browser extension. It is a game changer. I set it up, create my pin then can share with all my tribes without having to log into Tailwind or switch screens.


  3. I’ve been trying to branch out as well…’s so confusing! My teen daughter said she’s going to take over my “branding” after she’s done with so exams….she figures she’ll get me started and then give me explicit instructions on how to keep it up


  4. I’m right there with ya! I had my Pinterest since college, and it was always a fun stress reliever. Now, I turned it into a business account, and I’m still learning the ins and out. 😊


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