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National Dog Mom’s Day is Almost Here!

National Dog Mom’s Day falls on May 11th this year. It’s celebrated the second Saturday in May, usually the day before Mother’s Day. I think it’s great they made a special day for “Dog Moms,” but I’ve always included moms of all fur babies in my Happy Mother’s Day posts because I feel they deserve it.


A mother cares for another. They tend to them when they are sick and love them unconditionally even when they chew up their shoes or poop on the rug. They wipe butts and noses. They “mother” whether it’s a dog, cat, baby, or whatever they’ve chosen to adopt and care for.

Some people may roll their eyes at people celebrating mother’s day with animals, but I was once in that position where my only babies were covered in fur. And those babies stayed by me through long deployments and made me less lonely. They were with me the night my husband had a mini stroke and I miscarried. They were there to hug and snuggle and keep me company. They took care of me as much as I took care of them. They taught me to love unconditionally and what it meant to be responsible for another being’s upbringing. They prepared me to be a good mom for our future child.


So while it’s nice to have a special National Dog Mom Day, I’ll still be wishing Happy Mother’s Day to all the mommies out there doing the mom thing for furry babies.

Want to know more about National Dog Mom’s Day?

The day was founded by Dig, a dating app to connect those who love dogs, as a way to honor dog moms who spend countless hours caring for their furry companions.

Some impressive stats, according to a survey conducted by that polled 1,000 female dog owners, show there are a lot of women who take their role as a dog mom seriously.

  • 3 out of 4 female pet parents consider themselves “dog moms.”
  • 45% of dog moms have referred to their dog as a “fur baby” or “fur kid,” and 40% just call the dog their “baby.”
  • 40% of female dog owners say they own dog-mom apparel, and 17% say they don’t own any, but want some.
  • Nearly half of the female dog owners celebrate their dog’s birthday (or other milestones), bring their dog with them on errands and shared an announcement on social media when they got their dog.
  • 40% have stayed up at night to comfort a crying puppy.
  • 24% have missed work to be home with a sick dog.
  • 50% of dog moms gush about their dog when meeting other people.
  • 62% said they take dozens of photos of their dog.

Want to get out and celebrate? Click here for upcoming National Dog Mom’s Day events all around the US.

So what do you think? Was there a need for a special Dog Mom’s Day? or do you wish moms of all types a happy day on the 2nd Sunday of May?

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  1. I am a mom to a 10 yr old human boy and two felines. 13 year old Lucky and 4 year old Thomas. Lucky is my cuddler but at night despite the fact I have a king size bed I am constantly having to move further and further over as they sprawl out. 🙂


  2. Love this! I definitely agree. I always wish fur mommas a happy Mother’s Day, because loving and caring for an animal is what prepared me for kids. It taught me a lot and so much about myself as well.


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