UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure Game Review

Looking for a good video game for younger kids? Just in time to coincide with the UglyDolls movie release comes the new game UglyDolls: An Imperfect Adventure! The game is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and is rated E for Everyone.


In this brand new UglyDolls adventure, Uglyville is under siege by robots from a town called Perfection. They can’t handle all the quirkiness of Uglyville and are intent on making it and its inhabitants all perfect. Gamers play as heroes Moxy or Ox as they band together with their UglyDolls friends to send these unwelcome robots back home.

My four-year-old son enjoyed the colorful characters and easy game play. It’s a very simple quest type game where you need to collect certain objects to advance to the next round. You also collect items then “spend” them on crafting objects that help with your quest. The crafting and item inventory can get a little complicated, and parents will have to read the instructions and help younger kids play the game.


Your goal is to eventually rid the town of pesky robots, and the other characters walk you through the tasks you need to complete. You can even use a location balloon and then just follow the arrow on screen to find your next object. There’s also a map, but I found it hard to follow because the town has very few stand-out landmarks and it all kind of looks the same after running around the board over and over.


There’s no violence besides the occasional robot attack, and even that’s mild. And the characters don’t “die,” they just disappear when their heart meter runs out and then reappear back near the beginning spot, so kids can just keep playing and not get too frustrated.


It’s mildly challenging to try and figure out how to get certain objects with certain crafted items, but not enough to keep older kids or adults interested. Once you complete a task, you are given a new task and then do the same things over again – collect objects around Uglyville.

The repetitive game play is where it’s good for the younger kids. Once they get the hang of it, they can run around the board as long as they want, opening baskets and collecting coins. They can then spend the coins on things like phone calls, helpful objects and new crafting skills. Then they just follow the arrow around the screen until the task is complete.

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UPDATE 2020: My son continues to play this game from time to time, and has replayed it all the way through a couple times. I definitely recommend it for very young gamers. You will have to help read the instructions to them, but they can easily get the hang of the game play.


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