Turtle Beach Recon 70 Headset Review: A Gaming Mom’s Perspective

We recently leveled up our gaming experience with a Recon 70 Gaming Headset by Turtle Beach. The headset comes in multiple colors to match your preferred console whether it be Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch or PC, and has a versatile 3.5mm connection that makes it easy to use any set on all the platforms. We got to try out the blue and white PS4  headset, and it was easily compatible with our Nintendo Switch. This headset ended up being a game changer in more ways than one.

*This post is sponsored by on behalf of Turtle Beach*


Do you really need a special gaming headset?

If you are just getting into gaming and wonder why you might need a special headset, there are few things that set these headsets apart- namely the sound quality, sensitive microphone and comfort features for extended gaming sessions.

The Recon 70 features Turtle Beach’s latest lightweight and comfortable headset design built for hours of play, with high-quality 40mm speakers and premium synthetic leather cushions that fit over your ears to block out external noise and let you immerse yourself in the game. If you plan on wearing a headset for a long time, you’ll want one that’s extra comfortable and made for extended wear. The high-sensitivity mic ensures your teammates can hear every word clearly and easily flips up to activate the mute function.

Adjustable sizing and a comfy fit

The most amazing thing about this headset though, was the simple fact that my headset-hating son will actually wear it. I’ve tried several different types of earphones, from a fun Captain America kid-size headset to a comfy soft headband with built-in speakers and he refused to wear any of them longer than about 30 seconds. He hates things on his ears. I never thought to try a headset like this, with the large soft cushioned pads that completely cover the ear instead of pressing against it. The headset is adjustable enough to fit both kids and adults, and he now wears them when he’s on the iPad and mom wants some peace and quiet. He loves the fact he can flip down the microphone and tell YouTube what shows to play.

Giving the gaming headset a try

To make sure we gave the headset a full test run beyond the iPad, and get the total gaming experience, I decided it was time to download Fortnite on our Nintendo Switch. This was our first foray into multiplayer gaming and we decided to just jump right in and learn as we went. From the garbled voices that popped up from time to time, I learned there was certainly a difference when you had a decent microphone. Our own voices came out sounding crisp and clear.

We took turns trying out the headset and found it to be very comfortable with great sound, and it has a handy dial on the side if you need to make a volume adjustment. We also tested it out on Mario Kart, Cars and UglyDolls just to compare different styles of audio and found them all sounding loud and clear.


The overall design is very sturdy and feels substantial yet lightweight so you can almost forgot you’re wearing it. I found the faux-leather ear cushions to be soft and squishy and they didn’t irritate my own sensitive ears after extended wearing.


Conclusion: An excellent entry-level gaming headset

Overall, we found it to be an excellent entry-level gaming headset, and the perfect thing for our upcoming plane trip! Now I don’t have to worry about annoying our neighbors with the sounds of gaming or cartoons. In fact, we liked it so much, I’m already thinking about upgrading to the next level with a wireless headset so it’s easier to play on the big screen. The only drawback to the wired set-up was it limited us to the smaller console due to our game docking location.

Interested in checking one out yourself? You can find the full range of Recon 70 options on the Turtle Beach Website , where it retails for $39.95, and find them on social media: @turtlebeach.

So do you use a gaming headset? If so, what games do you use it for?

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  1. That’s a pretty good deal for such a versatile headset. I’ve been looking to upgrade my px22’s. I LOVE them but the cables are getting annoying. Gonna check out the wireless version of these. Thanks for the review! So well timed for me! 😀


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