Yoda Best Footprint Cards for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or Any Day

We got a little geeky this past Mother’s Day and did handmade Star Wars inspired cards proclaiming “Yoda Best,” using a green footprint for Yoda. These work great for Father’s Day too!

yoda best footprint cards handmade father's day mother's day

* Contains Amazon affiliate links that may earn me a few pennies if you buy the supplies through my links.*

How to Make Yoda Best Footprint Cards

Materials Needed:

1) Sturdy construction paper, card stock paper or blank cards. The best thing to do is get a set of Blank Cards with Envelopes, but any paper will do! The sturdier the better though. I used a thick art paper and it got a little wonky at the end after painting it.

2) Washable paint – I use this paint for most of our projects: Crayola Washable Kids Paint. So far it has washed off everything very easily! I used this for the green, but used a smaller paint set for the details because I needed brown, white and black.

3) Paint brush or roller – I used a sponge roller, but a regular paint brush works fine too!

4) One small person with child-size feet (the only thing you can’t buy on Amazon! Ha!)


Making the Cards:

1) Set your paper down on a hard surface so you can get a good footprint.


2) Paint the bottom of one foot


3) Press foot onto paper. You might want to have more than one paper ready so you can try a few footprints and pick the best.


4) Once it dries, it’s time to put in the Yoda details! Add ears, a face and a cane. I added a little tunic because my son has a high instep and the shape looked funny without it. So our Yoda looks like he has some junk in the trunk. We made cards for all the moms and grandmas. Each one looked a little different.

5) Add your “Yoda Best ______” and fill in the blank. Placement depends on where your footprint ended up. We added a little sprinkle of glitter to the letters too.

6) Do the inside inscription. Write it how Yoda would speak! We used “Wishing you the greatest Mother’s Day in the galaxy, We are.” You can write this in, paint it, or print it out and glue it on the card. I printed mine on sticker paper since I was making four cards at once.


We had fun making these Star Wars inspired cards for the moms and they would be perfect for Father’s Day as well! I had to look up Yoda pics online to see what his face looked like and then just kind of winged it with big ears and wrinkles. However detailed you get, as long as you add the basics you can tell it’s Yoda!




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