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Serving up Watermelon Summer Salad, Sweet Corn and Sunshine

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To me, nothing says summer like pool parties, grilling burgers, corn on the cob and big juicy slices of watermelon! We had a great time this past weekend and I got to hone my grilling skills while also trying out a tasty new recipe for a watermelon salad. Read on the get the details on adding a new twist on a summer favorite!

watermelon salad recipe

Summer heat brings everyone together for backyard pool parties and that means grilling out! Before my husband (and resident grill master) deployed overseas, I made sure he showed me how to use our gas grill. I was excited to try out my new grilling skills this past weekend with a little pool party! Besides burgers and hot dogs, I wanted to focus on fresh summer fruits and veggies so I headed to Publix to pick out party supplies, salad ingredients, sweet corn for roasting and of course- a big watermelon!

summer girlling

The newest Grill Master on the block!

When searching for the best fresh fruits and veggies, I’m always looking for that Fresh from Florida label that tells me this fruit came from my home state and didn’t have to travel far so I know it’s the freshest! Watermelon and sweet corn are in season right now, plus tomatoes, blueberries, bell peppers, mangoes, and star fruit so there are plenty of delicious Fresh from Florida options available for your summer soirees. They even have a chart available on the website so you can exactly what’s in season all year long. Check it out: Florida Crops in Season

The first thing I tackled was the watermelon. And I do mean tackle! As I stood there with a big knife and a big melon, I realized I had never actually tried to cut up a watermelon before. I guess this was also a job I usually left to my husband. Not sure where to start, I decided to just chop it in half, which was easier said than done. With a little muscle and maneuvering, I managed to chop it in half and then only slightly mangle it as I attempted to cut it into pretty picture-worthy slices.

Kids don't care of your watermelon slices are perfect

Kids don’t care if your watermelon slices aren’t perfect 🙂

After slicing up half the watermelon, I did the same to the other half but cut it into cube shaped chunks for something a little different- a Watermelon Salad! I don’t have the exact amount of everything I used, but it’s easy to customize it with your own preferred amount. Here’s what goes into this fresh summer salad:

Watermelon Summer Salad

Watermelon Summer Salad

Florida Fresh Watermelon Summer Salad

Cubed Fresh from Florida watermelon

Cucumber – peeled, seeded and cut into half slices


A handful of chopped basil

Crumbled feta cheese

A zesty dressing – I did 1 tbs lime juice with 3 tbs olive oil. Adjust amount to the size of your salad. You don’t need much because of the juices from the watermelon and cucumber.

Fresh-From-FL (4).jpg

So fresh and so yummy! Makes you feel better about eating all those hot dogs and hamburgers. Next up I prepped the sweet corn for grilling. It was out of the husk already when I purchased it, so I wrapped it in foil, put a little bit of butter on top and then sprinkled it with just a bit of garlic salt.

Fresh-From-FL (1).jpg

Once it was wrapped up tight, I sat it on the grill and set a timer for 10 minutes. Some recipes suggest doing 15 minutes, but I like my corn crunchy and not too over cooked. I flipped it a few times during grilling so it would cook evenly and distribute the butter. After 10 minutes I pulled it off the grill and let it cool before unwrapping my masterpiece with just the right amount of scorched bits.

Fresh-From-FL (2).jpg

It was a fun-filled afternoon with good food, good friends and lots of splashing in the pool! The summer gives us a great reason to get together and enjoy being outside, and Fresh from Florida produce gives us a great reason to shop for delicious Florida fruits and veggies.



Want to learn more about Fresh from Florida and how they produce delicious produce year-round? Check out their website and social media!

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