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Keane Interest: Jazz Fest, Costumes on Etsy, Mother Ruckers and Hurricane Dorian

This past week we had a lot of excitement with Hurricane Dorian making its slow way across the ocean and then just barely touching Florida, we checked out the Atlantic Beach Jazz Festival at Johansen Park, I got a jump start on Halloween season and we gave rucking a try.

Keane Interest Round-up August 26 – Sept 8

I got busy on Etsy! – I am trying to get a lot of things listed for Halloween season, so I’m digging out old costumes and unfinished work and getting everything ready, photographed and listing on my Etsy shop: Cosplay Costumes and Corsets by Candy Keane. I’ll be adding stuff for the next couple months!



Atlantic Beach Jazz Festival – this annual event is held at Johansen Park, which happens to be close enough to my house to hear the music! We wandered over to check it out but didn’t stay too long because it is still 90+ degrees in September here in Florida and we were melting. We did stay long enough to buy some lemonade being sold to help raise money for the Bahamas hurricane relief. It looked like a great event if you like jazz and managed to find a shady spot under the trees.


GoRuck Mother Ruckers – I finally got up and out the door in time to join the GoRuck Mother Ruckers for a Sunday morning ruck to the Beaches Towncenter. I think we set a record with 11 kids, 7 moms and several dogs in tow. Rucking is basically walking while carrying a weighted backpack. Since I walk around with a heavy child all the time, adding additional weight to a morning stroll goes against all my instincts. So in full disclosure, the only thing I put in my ruck was a pack of baby wipes. But it was the large size pack! (haha) It was a great way to spend a Sunday morning and my son loved getting to play with all the kids. I will definitely be joining them again.


Hurricane Dorian – A hurricane blew into town, but took its sweet time getting here and then passed by without much excitement. I was lucky to have my husband home for the week and immediately put him to work prepping. I also can’t complain that the slow moving hurricane delayed his return overseas and he had to stay an extra few days. We prepared for the hurricane by buying water, boarding up the windows and making blanket forts. Then we celebrated by going to get ice cream after it passed.



That’s all the excitement for now! This week I’m just trying to get back on a regular schedule and get used the the wonderful thing known as Pre-K. Tomorrow I’m trying out Circus Yoga at SaltAer Circus Arts and then later in the week we are going to check out a new jumping/activity/play place.

Then Friday my son is getting a filling at the dentist. I am so worried about that! He has a really small cavity and they want to take care of it before it grows, even though he will eventually lose the baby tooth. I don’t want him to be afraid of the dentist. I had bad dentist experiences as a kid and every time I go I get horrible anxiety. So crossing fingers we will get through this dentist thing without it being traumatic for either of us!

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