A Different Sort of Yoga at SaltAer Circus Arts

As I was searching for an aerial yoga class near the beaches, I ran across SaltAer Circus Arts and was immediately intrigued. I grew up in Sarasota, home of Ringling Brothers, and the circus has always been close to my heart. My high school even had its own Big Top! So when I saw they offered a “circus yoga” class, I decided to sign up for the $5 trial class and give it a whirl…literally. The fabric sling in the circus class spins, unlike the ones at a regular aerial yoga studio.

*UPDATE: As of February 2021, SaltAer will be permanently closed. The Covid Pandemic strikes again. 

There was only one other person in the class with me, so it was very relaxed and easy going, and our instructor Andrea was readily available when we needed a spot or a boost getting into or out of a position. We jumped right into things with stretches on the floor with one or both feet wrapped in the fabric slings suspended from the ceiling. The sling is made from stretchy nylon tricot and can be spread out like hammock or wound into a thick rope. We used a combo of those techniques in the class.

saltaer-circus-yoga (12)

The fabric felt a little weird at first, a little rough under the arms, so I think next time I’m going to try it with a t-shirt. I also took off my watch and jewelry once we got started and I realized everything would be getting squished against my skin.

Andrea did a great job of keeping things moving along but also taking the time to show us the moves before we tried them. I never once worried that I was going to fall because she shows you how to have everything wrapped so you are held in snug. And when I got slightly stuck in a hanging cobra position, she easily helped me out of it. It was a deep stretch!

I totally enjoyed myself and actually liked the swinging and twirling aspect of it. I feel like I got a unique workout and hit some spots I don’t normally get. It was really neat to do the inversions because I have never managed to get upside down while doing regular yoga. I can honestly say I didn’t look at the clock one time and wonder when we’d be through. The class kept me entertained and challenged!

I ended up signing up for a four class package since you get a 15% discount with your first trial class. If you are looking for something a little different to shake up your workout or just want to try something fun, I totally recommend checking out SaltAer Circus Arts in Jacksonville Beach, FL. I want to try the Lyra class next! That’s the hoops that are suspended in the air.

saltaer-circus-yoga (9)

*Circus Yoga is Tuesday mornings at 9:30AM, so if that doesn’t fit in your schedule check out Flying Colors Aerial Yoga, where our instructor Andrea also teaches!

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  1. I love saltaer! My husband and I regularly take Lyra and silks classes and my kids are in circus. The instructors are great and the whole atmosphere is encouraging!


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