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Just Waiting on a Hurricane

We’re located in Atlantic Beach, FL, so we won’t be getting the worst of Hurricane Ian until tomorrow, but my mom is getting hammered with wind and rain in Sarasota. They’ve lost power and watched the wind completely rip off the top of one of their trees. We got water and gas and put away all the possible projectiles, so now comes the time when you just sit and wait for a hurricane to show up.

The current situation- a lot of limbs down.

Hurricane Ian Hits Category 4 Level

It’s getting pretty windy out there on the East coast, as Hurrican Ian slams into the other Florida coast as a Category 4 storm. My mom just called me to see if I knew where the hurricane was at the moment, as their TV totally went out a couple hours ago.

We are definitely in for a rainy stormy evening, and hopefully it will calm down before it reaches our area. We live on a barrier island, off the coast of Jacksonville. When the winds get too high, they close the bridges, and there’s no way to leave. So deciding to stay means you will have no other options once it gets bad.

We stayed through Hurricane Irma, which hit as a Category 1 storm. Two trees came down on the house, and one went in the pool. Huge trees were down all over our neighborhood and the power was out for three days. There was so much debris on the roads that you could barely tell where the roads were. And that was just a 1! I don’t want to imagine the damage from something stronger.

Current mode is just sit tight. We haven’t even boarded up the windows yet, so we’ll just be keeping a close eye on the storm as it develops. Hoping all my Florida neighbors make it through the storm safely.

Damage from Hurricane Irma

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