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Keane Interest: Chewbelta, Magnetic Eyelashes, Legoland Beach Retreat and Getting Fresh at WasabiCon

The past week I got myself a nifty new seat belt strap cover, gave magnetic eyelashes a try, stayed at the LEGOLAND beach retreat and sent off a box of Geek Mamas air fresheners for the early birds at WasabiCon.

It’s Called a Chewbelta!

I’m a big Star Wars fan and have been known to dress like my favorite Wookiee on occasion. I also wear tank tops almost every day and the seat belt rubs my shoulder and neck. I solved that scratchy problem by covering the strap with backpack strap covers. They worked fine, but when I saw a friend on Facebook post a pic of the Chewbelta after borrowing her husband’s car, I had to get one for myself!


Magnetic Eyelashes Actually Work!

I’ve been seeing magnetic eyelashes for some time and was really curious if they would work, how they worked and if they would even stay on. So this little set from Pop Modern – Magnetic Eyelashes and Liner.

They were surprisingly lightweight and easy to apply! They looked a little glam in the package, but looked more natural when I had them on. The liner was really nice and it was easy to draw on a decent line. With the line still a little wet, I put the eyelashes near it and they kind of snapped into place. I still need to give them a longer test run but I actually really liked them!

**Follow-up- second time I tried to use them, the strip came right off the little magnets! So I was pretty disappointed. I have heard good things about magnetic lashes, but they should last longer than one try!


I Spent My 44th Birthday at LEGOLAND

My birthday just happen to coincide with a trip to LEGOLAND and a stay at their Beach Retreat resort. It was cute, but I wasn’t really blown away. I think it could have been done a little better. I’d still like to check out the main hotel and the new pirate themed hotel when that opens! I wrote a full review of our stay here: LEGOLAND Beach Retreat Review

The First 100 People at WasabiCon are Going to be Super Fresh

I mailed off a box of these Geek Mamas air fresheners to WasabiCon to use as bag stuffers. I only had 100 so they are in limited supply! They were made by CustomComet.com after I did an article about their custom Photo Air Fresheners on Momtastic. The scents they will be in are vanilla, green tea, cucumber and almond cookie.


That’s it for this round-up. Next week we enter October and full-blown Halloween season! Who know what they are going to dress up as yet? Because I still don’t have a clue, lol.

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