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We Got Hit with the Flu

I felt like I was just getting caught up after the holidays, crossing things off my to-do list and getting things done. Then suddenly, with no warning at all, my son was full blown sick. Then later that same day, it hit me like a ton of bricks. That is one evil flu.

Update: 3/8/2020 When I wrote this a few months ago, there was no Coronavirus outbreak, so that wasn’t even on my radar. But if this flu happened now I’d be totally freaked out! 


It started with a sore throat and fever and moved into a bad cough and an overall feeling of total misery. It wiped us both out for a day and night, but by the next morning I was feeling better. I woke up so drenched in sweat that at first I thought my son had peed the bed. I must have sweated out that fever pretty fiercely. It lingered with my son though, and the next morning he managed to puke all over the couch, between the cushions, on the floor and the rug directly in front of the toilet.

Between the cleaning and just general running around taking care of his every request, I began to feel like crap again. This thing seems to come in waves. Trying to clean up the aftermath of being sick, while still actually a little sick, while taking care of someone else who is sick is just an all-around miserable time. Being sick as a mom just takes it to another level.

I’m still trying to shake off the last bits of the yuckiness and I’m finally starting to sound a little more normal again. Hoping for a good day today and to make some progress in this never ending game of catch-up.

Wishing you all the best of luck avoiding this nasty flu. And no, I didn’t get a flu shot. I have a hard time going out of my way to volunteer for shots, but now that I have a kid in school, it may be something I should pep-talk myself into.

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