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Stay-at-Home-Mom Sick is a Special Kind of Misery

I woke up sick today. I had a bit of a runny nose yesterday that developed into a full blown case of “the snotties” as my son would call it. It snuck up on me in the middle of the night and really came on strong. My head hurts. My eyes feel hot and watery. I didn’t feel like doing my usual Week in Review post today because I felt more like whining about being sick.


With a husband out of town for two weeks and no family near by, getting sick is just a special kind of misery because I don’t actually get any time to “be sick.” I just have to push through and pretend like I’d rather not just crawl into bed and stay there until I’m not dripping snot and my ears don’t feel stuffed with cotton.

So that’s about it. I’m not even turning this into some article like “10 Tips on How to Deal with Being Sick” or something because I don’t even know…I could probably use some tips myself. So far putting a pillow on the floor and lying in the center of my son’s play area while telling him “mommy’s playing while she’s resting” doesn’t seem to be working. I don’t think he’s buying it.

I need to get myself to the store and find some good cold meds. Actually, screw that, I need to place a Shipt order on my phone and have someone just bring it to me. Hoping this is just a short little bug and it passes soon.

So if anyone needs me I’ll be lying in this pile of toys here trying to convince my son I’m pretending to be a mountain so he can drive cars over me.


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  1. I know the feeling. Last month we passed the Parainfluenza virus around and I’m pretty sure I had a VERY fast acting flu (type A was epidemic at my girl’s school- over 20 kids out sick and several teachers/staff.)
    The first of the year marked the beginning of me being officially un-traditionally employed and being sick has thrown me off my game so bad…
    Hope for you it’s fast lived.


  2. I was just telling my husband this. He came home sick from work with the flu last week (rarely leaves work). Got to lay in bed and I made homemade soup. I get sick on a Saturday (which spilled over into mothers day) and still have to nurse and take care of the kids/ house stuff. Because my husband made plans to help his dad tear down a fence. Couldn’t reschedule or his dad would hurt himself doing it alone. I’m not as bitter as I sound. 😆 It’s just a very valid point.


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