When Businesses Do a Little Extra

In an age where customer service often seems to be a lost art, businesses that take the time to do something a little extra always get my attention. This Christmas season, three people/businesses stood out by taking an extra step to send a personal connection: The Short Story Book Club, The Switcheroo Kangaroo and Wild about the Alphabet! (and Other Tales).  I found it interesting that they were all connected to the literary world. I guess that says something good about book lovers!

The Short Story Book Club

The Short Story Book Club sent a little surprise package with a card and small journal. I love notebooks and making lists so I thought it was a nice little gift. The book club is a monthly subscription box that comes with a book, newsletter, comment cards and themed treats with each box. The theme when I did my unboxing video was “weird and wonderful” and the book was The Asylum of Dr. Caligari by James Morrow. They are also offering a new quarterly newsletter subscription with reviews, news and updates for $8/yr.


Wild about the Alphabet! (and Other Tales)

Author Mike Crowder sent a card along with the newest hardback edition of Wild About the Alphabet, published by Mascot Books. Wild about the Alphabet is not your average ABC book! It’s a humorous and colorful journey through the alphabet with plenty of surprises along the way. Mike is already working on his second children’s book, this time starring a cute little hammerhead shark named Hammy.


The Switcheroo Kangaroo

I really enjoyed sending and receiving Christmas cards this year. When this card showed up from Switcheroo Kangaroo author Deana Purkiss, at first I was like, how do I know these people? LOL And then I saw the little kangaroo logo on the front! I was happy to have another card to display on my mantle and thought it was nice to be included on their Christmas card list. The Switcheroo Kangaroo tells the story about a kangaroo that helps kids switch out their holiday candy for a new toy. There’s even a cute stuffed kangaroo you can get that goes with the book!

So thank you to all three of these people for going that extra step this holiday season. Best of luck with your businesses and books in the new year!

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