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  1. This is happening to me right now… I can’t even login into my Business Manager account. Please help. I don’t know what to do….


    • You have to use your personal ad account to get Facebook to let you talk to a live person. They will IM with you if you do it during business hours, which I recommend. Follow the steps in the post to get there.


  2. Facebook does not even concern about some dishonest admin delete all people away and steal main admin page. This happen to me right now, but we can’t ask help because fb does not offer help if it’s we put those ppl in admin list

    We need to be careful whom we put on our site.


  3. Hey Candy! I lost my page and ad account, when I tried to create a new business manager account, they said I already reached my limit (which I didn’t), also chat function is not available, nor the “get started” button for me…

    Any ideas on what to do next? I’ve tried everything and still can’t reach a real person ;___;

    My stolen page fyi: https://facebook.com/omnij.co


    • Hi Chloe, Can you ad another admin and go in through that account and just delete the business manager all together? Then the page will revert to the original profile that created it and you could start a new business manager from the other admin account. That’s what I’m trying to do right now. I’m still having issues with my page and using all the functions all these months later since I have had zero luck appealing to Facebook to get it fixed. I too have been unable to get an actual person now. Facebook customer service is pretty much non-existent.


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