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My Face Mask is Not a Political Statement

When I donned my face mask before entering the UPS store yesterday, I didn’t think I was making a political statement. I just didn’t want anyone’s “droplets” to get near me. Then later while checking the news, it seems to be all over the place – that the decision to wear a mask is somehow “visual shorthand” for a debate on whether we should follow health official guidelines, or think the threat is overblown and a violation of our freedom.

wearing face mask

I know that I am not infected with COVID-19, and I’d like to keep it that way. If I can do one small thing to keep myself a bit safer, why wouldn’t I do that? I also feel it is respectful of others to wear a mask. They don’t know I’m not contagious and I don’t know who they’ve been in contact with, so let’s just all keep our questionable breath to ourselves when out in public places.

I think this infographic from explains why you should wear a mask very well:

why you should wear a mask

I’m Choosing Safety, Not a Political Party

The articles go on the talk about how Republicans are less likely to wear masks than Democrats. And of course we get to see our president continue to go around mask-free, while trying to pretend that everything is normal, which certainly sends a mixed message to the public. Things are definitely not normal, and wearing a mask is just a small way to adjust.

So I will continue to sew masks for others and wear my own mask when I go out, for a while longer until COVID-19 clears up a bit. Yes I feel weird doing it. It makes me feel like I’m coming in to rob a place every time I walk in somewhere with it on. But I also feel that the people working there are trying to stay safe, and they are all wearing masks. So why not show that I appreciate them being there and am concerned for their safety as well, by covering my own mouth? It’s just one simple thing we can all do to help get the world healthy again.



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