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New Kids Book Wizard and the Lizard: Wacky Weather

When my son saw the newest Wizard and the Lizard: Wacky Weather book on my desk, he immediately grabbed it and asked “Is this the second one of that book that I love?” This is from a kid who is not actually a big fan of books, so I was surprised he remembered the first Wizard and Lizard adventure. Not only did he remember, but he asked if there was going to be a funny pizza in this one too. I told him no, but there are flying diapers so I think you’ll like it.

Wizard and the Lizard: Wacky Weather, by Katie Reed, is the story of a Wizard and his little lizard friend Buddy who just want to have a nice picnic. Unfortunately it looks like a big storm is going to ruin their day! In an effort to fix things, they make a weather machine, but things don’t quite go as planned. The more they try to fix things, the weirder the weather gets and all kinds of things are falling from the sky!

Wacky Weather

Eventually Wizard and Lizard learn they can’t control everything and decide to turn off the machine and the make the best of things. And once they stop trying to change things, the day turns around and they eventually get to enjoy their picnic.

It’s a cute book with a nice rhyming story, colorful illustrations and a good lesson about enjoying what you have. My five-year-old enjoyed the story and I even got him to sit still for at least 10 minutes in my lap as we read the book.

lizard-wizard-book (4)

You can find both the first Wizard and the Lizard and the new Wacky Weather story on Amazon: Wizard and the Lizard books

And check out Katie Reed’s website for downloadable coloring pages and news about upcoming books:

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