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Here’s to 18 Years of Marriage

On this day, 18 years ago, I joined the Army. Just kidding…I actually got married. But it was to a man in the military, and when we walked out of the church and through the arch of sabers, I got slight sword smack on my backside and a polite “Welcome to the Army Ma’am.” And me, my husband, and the Army have been together ever since.

army wedding

Being a military wife has certainly been challenging. We’ve gone through several long deployments, often with limited communication. My husband has missed so many special occasions that when I look through a stack of saved cards, many start with “Sorry I couldn’t be there.”

So on this day, I’m very happy that he IS here. And with retirement creeping up in the very near future, I’m looking forward to our son not having that same stack of apologies. I’m very glad he will get to grow up with his dad being around and not sent away to some war-torn country for 10 months at a time.

We’ve weathered many ups and downs in our 20+ years together and on the 18th anniversary of our wedding day, I really do feel like our marriage has grown up. Our marriage is now an adult. It’s been through a lot, but come through stable and strong and I know we made a good choice all those years ago when we chose each other.

So to my husband: Happy Anniversary, I love you. I can’t imagine life with anyone else, and I wouldn’t want to. You’re an amazing husband, father, handyman, dinner date, Scrabble opponent and my favorite partner for adventure. I look forward to our next chapter of life with retirement, raising a crazy little boy and a house that’s always full of surprises. 


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  1. Happy anniversary.
    Our 10th is creeping up on us. We both had grandparents, uncles and a lot of my cousins are military. Glad to hear he’s close to retirement. I know how nervous I always am when a cousin is deployed, i can’t imagine how you feel when your husband is.


    • Thanks! And yes, I can’t wait to not have to worry all the time! For our 10th anniversary we renewed our vows on a pirate ship, with the Dread Pirate Roberts as the officiant. Lol


  2. Were doing a quiet weekend getaway and a few months later (hopefully) going to see Lamb of God and Megadeth.
    Last year finances were tight and we were too busy to celebrate (we bought a house and closed about 1-2 weeks before)
    We have thought about a vow renewal since we eloped at the courthouse but with my different religion from the rest of both families, I don’t want the drama of inviting Christians to a handfasting


    • A vow renewal doesn’t have to involve the family and can be really personal. The first time we renewed our vows was after my husband’s first long deployment. It was just us, on the beach in Hawaii and I felt like that one was more personal and special than the huge wedding we originally had. It was an awesome wedding, but it was Catholic and I am NOT at all. So this one was more my style. But I totally recommend a pirate ship as well. They do handfastings, lol.


  3. Wow! 18 years, congratulations;
    most SF relationships don’t make the 2nd deployment.
    A true testament to the “brains” behind the operation πŸ˜‰
    Kiss Sean for me.


    • The first deployment was tough! By the second one, we had it down. The real test will retirement and being around each other all the time, lol. I’m really looking forward to that though!!


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