I Hosted a Virtual Party for the Silk’n Titan, Plus 6 Month Review

Post has been updated to included Silk’n Titan Review after 6 months. I am 45 and want to age gracefully but not just give up! I continue to use this device and see results. I like it so much that I joined their affiliate program, so links are affiliate links where I earn a commission. I would never recommend something I thought was a scam. This device really works for me! Read my review at the end to see what my dermatologist said that confirmed it really works.

Months ago I volunteered to host an in-person demo party for Tryazon and the Silk’n Titan – a skin tightening, lifting and anti-aging device you can use at home. Then the COVID situation got worse so I decided to try my first virtual party using Facebook rooms. It found it was kind of weird, kind of fun and really hard to take a screen shot with one hand while demonstrating the device. The Titan itself was pretty cool, and I saw a difference after the first use.

What is the Silk’n Titan?

The Silk’n Titan is a small device you plug-in and then move slowly over your face where you want to improve your skin texture, appearance and elasticity. It uses three sources of energy to reach different levels of your skin to stimulate natural cell renewal:
• Infrared Heat (IR)
• Light-Emitting Diodes (LED)
• Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF)

Infrared Heat (IR) work on the surface of the skin, improving texture and pore size, and reduces superficial sun and age spots and dark circles.
Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) reach the dermis layer, rejuvenating skin and restoring collagen. It stimulates cell renewal and fibroblast production, reducing wrinkles and lessening the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines and frown lines.
Bi-Polar Radio Frequency (RF), reaches the deep layers of the skin, to tighten and promote new collagen and elastin which improves sagging and loss of firmness in face and neck.

I really wanted to give it a try due to the RF component. I was part of a research study years ago, where they compared the results of the Smoothbeam laser vs. Thermage, which uses RF technology. I had the treatments on different sides of my face, and I always felt like the Thermage side ended up a little smoother. The downside is that Thermage is really pricey and it hurt like HELL. I seriously teared up at one point, and that was after sitting with numbing cream on my face for 45 minutes. So the promise of a pain-free at-home treatment really appealed to me.

How do you use the Titan for Skin Tightening and Lifting?

They really make you work for the results with this device! You squirt a water-based slider gel on the Titan, turn it on and then move it slowly on one section of your face and neck at a time. They recommend spending 10-15 min. on each section, broken up into forehead, upper cheek, lower cheek, chin, right side of neck, left side and even down to your décolleté if desired.

The treatment ends up being over an hour, even at 10 minutes a section. And you need to do it twice a week for ten weeks for best results. Then keep it up at twice a month after that. I have a small child at home, so I don’t really get hours to myself to sit and rub my face, so the only way I managed to get a treatment done was to try and entice my son with a video game or movie of his choice, while I sat next to him and worked on ironing out my fine lines.

Using the Silk'n Titan for wrinkles and fine lines
This mama is making it work

The Titan has five settings that slowly increase in heat intensity. I had no problem with the highest setting, and it just feels warm while you move it over your face. There was definitely no pain, and afterwards my skin was a little red, but that went away in about an hour. It also looked a little more smooth immediately, but I did just sit there massaging a hyaluronic moisturizing gel into my face for over an hour.

Photo immediately after using the Titan:

Photo after using Silk'n Titan and review

I hope to try and keep it up because I feel like it definitely did a little something and I’d like to see if the results improve after several uses. I’ll be posting a follow-up at the end of this article after ten weeks! (see below)

Click Here to Check out the Silk’n Titan Anti-Aging Device on their website, where you get FREE shipping, a 2-year warranty and a money-back guarantee if you don’t like it!

And a big thank you to the ladies who joined me for a drink and a demo, all through the Facebook Rooms platform. It was pretty easy to set up, schedule and then send everyone a link to join. If more than one person talks at once, it does kind of sound like you are underwater. But it was fun to get together for a bit, even if it was just virtually.

Silk’n Titan Review After 6 Months

2/25/21 MY UPDATE! – So this is a bit past the 10 week mark…more like 6 months! How does time go that fast?? I am happy to say I am still using this and find it so effective that I make time to use it. I’ve even gotten good at squeezing in time to use it while I go through e-mails, ironing my face with one hand and typing with the other.

Using it twice a week at first was tough, but the results made me keep at it. Now I use it every other week, or grab it when I notice my skin not looking as good as usual. The results are not dramatic – this is not a facelift for deep wrinkles. It’s gradual and best for getting those fine lines and to combat sagging skin. What really made me a believer was a visit to the dermatologist, where I’d gotten micro needling done months before. I thought the micro needling experience was OK – it made me skin very soft afterwards but that was about it.

At my visit she came in with my before and after photos and talked about how impressed she was the just one session had made such an improvement tightening and lifting the skin along my jawline / jowls area! I was like, that wasn’t the micro needling! Those are the areas I had really been focusing on with the Titan because at 45, I was starting to get a bit of sagging and weirdness with my neck. So right there I had proof that it was working! I declined spending another couple hundred dollars at the skin spa and instead went home and fired up the Titan and made a commitment to finding the time to do it regularly.

If you are wondering, yes it’s a little pricey, but at $269 it’s less than the cost of Botox, and will pay for itself over time because you won’t need a bunch of pricey treatments. It comes with a 2-year warranty and money-back guarantee if you don’t like. I read through the reviews and saw that it doesn’t work for everybody, but nothing works the same for everyone so it’s something you just have to try and see if it works for you.

So Click here to visit the Silk’n website and check out the Titan for yourself!

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