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A Bittersweet Goodbye to My Maternity Jeans

I’ve been listing a lot of stuff on Poshmark and eBay this week, and I just sold my very last piece of maternity clothing: a pair of GAP Long and Lean maternity jeans. My feelings were bittersweet as I wrapped my favorite stretchy top jeans up in tissue paper, wondering how far along the mama-to-be might be.

My favorite GAP maternity jeans

I was glad to be clearing out things I didn’t need any longer, and was actually a little surprised at the sentimental attachment. I’ve gotten rid of all of the other baby stuff, and have no plans of having another baby. But as I packaged up those jeans I started remembering the day I went shopping to buy them. It was very early in my pregnancy and I wasn’t showing, so they had a fake “baby belly” that you Velcro around your waist to see how the pants will fit when you start growing.

I remember being very self-conscious and I didn’t want to put on the belly, so my husband put it on and modeled it instead. I wish I could find the photo of that now!

I left that day with a couple cute tops and the pair of jeans I sold today on eBay. I loved those jeans so much that I wore them even after the baby was born for a while, before I lost a bit of the baby weight. Then I tucked them away in my dresser thinking I may wear them again, like maybe for Thanksgiving, when I could use a little extra stretch in the waistband.

19 weeks

And then they sat in my drawer for the next four years. So when I ran across them during my Coronavirus quarantine cleaning spree, I knew it was time to let them go.

So goodbye GAP maternity jeans! I hope you bring as much joy and comfort to the next mom-to-be who wears you.

And if you happen to be shopping for good deals on random clothing and costume parts, click the links to check out my closet on Poshmark and my listings on eBay! I’m ready to clear things out and am listing new things every day.

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