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Social Media is Just Not as Fun Anymore

Between the Coronavirus and politics, social media is just not as fun as it used to be. I still check Facebook in the morning, but now it’s more of a quick scroll through my notifications and then I leave before getting annoyed. I have unfollowed and even blocked more people than ever the past few months. I find it’s easier to just block people so they can’t send you a friend request again.

There’s so many platforms now- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest YouTube, TikTok, etc…. I feel like I’m always hustling to update something  – though, with platforms like, downloading is now easier than ever. I try to keep everything current and follower numbers up because most sponsored blog posts are tied in with social media posts. The better my social media is doing, the more chance I’ll get offered sponsored work. Since I prefer not to muck up my blog with ads, sponsored posting is really my only form of income. It’s part of my job to keep it going.

But I’m just not feelin’ it. I’m not even feeling like adding photos and keywords and all the SEO bells and whistles to this post. (after writing this I actually DID add a photo because I just can’t stop myself I guess) Sometimes you just have to whine about stuff, you know? I just feel like there’s nothing really good going on to post about and I don’t feel like trying to force it.

social media photo

So here’s how I feel about social media right now:

Facebook: Boooooo. I have two profiles and two pages and it’s too much. The new Geek Mamas page has been slow to grow because I haven’t put much into it and I’m ready to just drop it and go back to doing everything on my Candy Keane page. I barely even post on my own profile anymore because there’s just nothing much to post about besides what I’m making for dinner or what we saw in the yard today. Riveting stuff, I know.

Twitter: Meh. Sometimes I get on there and I try, I really try, and I still feel like I’m just walking into a room full of people, shouting a couple sentences to everyone and nobody at the same time and then slinking back into a corner. Nobody really notices. I often hop on Twitter when I want to complain about something without getting a bunch of comments that would annoy me further. Twitter is pretty much the social media equivalent of me talking to myself. If you’d like to talk back, you can find me on twitter at @SewGeekMama and @GeekMamasBlog

Instagram: Insta is usually my happy place, but I haven’t even kept up with it lately because I just don’t have much to post. I am really picky about what photos go on my Instagram feed so I don’t like to post just for the sake of keeping it active. I like that most of the politics and BS of Facebook has not bled over onto Instagram yet, so I find myself scrolling through more often that usual, seeking out happy pics and posts. My cosplay Instagram is @SewGeekMama and the blog Insta is @GeekMamasBlog

Pinterest: Same old crap. I haven’t noticed any changes, but then, I never really pay much attention to it. Pinterest is a bit of a necessary evil for blogging because it does actually bring in a decent amount of traffic, but it’s also overrun with blog posts. I have never been that active on there, but try to pop on and pin something once a week.

YouTube: I’ve actually been spending a bit more time on YouTube, because being stuck at home has given me some time to go through old cosplay videos and re-edit and post them on the Sew Geek Mama YouTube Channel. I recently discovered there were tons of comments I didn’t know were on there, so it inspired me to start posting videos again. I’m thinking of doing a mask making tutorial next!

TikTok: I have downloaded and deleted this app twice. I recently downloaded it again but haven’t done anything with it. It just seemed overrun with lots of teenagers being silly and I don’t want any more social media stuff to keep up with! I know there is supposed to be some good stuff on there, and it is supposed to be good in marketing – you only need to look at the Cell Phone Deal blog and TikTok stats to see that. My friends who use it keep telling me how much fun it is. I’m just not ready to jump in and join the fun I guess… *Update – I actually joined TikTok! as @SewGeekMama

So that’s it. Just a big long post of me complaining about keeping up with social media. At least I can check “keep up with blog posting” off my to-do list! Ha-ha. And if you’d like to join me on any of these social media platforms, you can find the links on the blog in the upper right corner. Except for TikTok. I’m still refusing to participate in that one. For now…

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  1. Ugh I totally agree. I get so annoyed, especially on Facebook and Twitter. People I know who I thought of as smart and logical are posting things that I can’t believe anyone would post. And I totally know what you mean about not posting as much yourself. All we do is hang around at home, so what is there to post? Lol.

    Hang in there!


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