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Week in Review – Thanksgiving, a Nautical Wedding, a New Cosplay Project and Alumitiles

Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving! I took a break from being attached to my phone and didn’t take one single photo. So here’s a slightly frightening photo me and Keelan being a couple of turkeys.

You may be thinking, Week in Review on a Tuesday night? What is this madness? Next thing you know Taco Tuesday will be on Saturday… 

The holidays are just crazy like that. So let’s wrap this week up with a wedding on a boat, a new cosplay project inspired by Stan Lee and cool aluminum wall tiles.

Week in Review: Nov. 19 – 26, 2018

Setting Sail – On Saturday we attended the wedding of my best friend from college. She got married on the Schooner Freedom in St. Augustine. I’ve been wanting to do one of their Full Moon sails for years so I thought it was pretty neat to get to go on it for the wedding. It’s a gorgeous 76 ft. tall ship with 2400 square feet of sail, all lit up right now for St. Augustine’s famous Nights of Lights. During the holidays the Nation’s Oldest City glows with millions of little white lights all over the buildings and through the trees. It’s very pretty!

schooner freedom

It was a little chilly and windy, but good for sailing and several people, including the bride and groom got to hoist the sails as we headed out. There was a cooler of drinks on board and a bathroom (yay!). I thought it was going to be crowded but there was actually plenty of room and a place for everyone to sit. They also provided snuggly blankies to keep everyone warm once the sun went down.

hoisting the sails

Congrats Meisha and Chris! It was a beautiful wedding and we wish you many many years of marriage happiness 🙂

A New Cosplay Project – I have a lot of sewing projects I haven’t gotten around to, so one of my goals since I closed my store is to use what I already have and thin out my costume/fabric collection. It takes up a whole room, my office and part of the attic. It’s ridiculous! But I can’t just get rid of it either so I am determined to do stuff with it. In one of those boxes is a collection of pieces I was gathering to do the Enchantress. It’s a costume I started on five years ago and then stopped after my dog ate the headpiece. I managed to get one quick pic of it while wearing an old Poison Ivy dress before the doggie destruction incident.

The Jacksonville Museum of Science and History (MOSH) has had a cool exhibit up since September called Hall of Heroes which according to their website, “celebrates and explores both the history of, and science behind, America’s fascination with superheroes and how they impacted our popular culture throughout the 20th century and beyond.” The exhibit closes in January, so they are having a party and mini-comiccon, as well as a tribute to Stan Lee, and I was invited to be a Cosplay Guest. So in the spirit of that, I decided it was time to finish Enchantress! Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created the Enchantress in 1964, and she made her first appearance in Journey Into Mystery. I might need to tap into her mystical powers to magically get this done in time. Remember, one month to prepare equals about 3 days in “mom time.” 🙂

Enchantress Journey into Mystery

Aluminum Wall Tiles – I love these 10 x 10 photo tiles from Alumitiles.com! They sent me a few to try out and review on the blog and I love the quality of the print. The resolution and color are so vibrant. I am totally impressed and now want them all over the house. They work great with Instagram photos because of the square shape, but you can upload any high res file and crop it to fit. (2020 Update: Last time I checked, they were closed and re-doing the website. Hoping they open again soon because I LOVE these tiles and want to order several more. We got tons of compliments on them and you really can move them around, even months later.)

Wall tiles by alumitiles

We are having a housewarming party this weekend, even though we’re only about halfway done with the renovation. We figure if we wait until we are done it will never happen! So we are celebrating finishing the front patio and fire pit. Since the house is still being worked on, we haven’t put much up on the walls yet. It definitely makes it feel more homey to have pictures up.

The tiles are re-stickable, so if we decide to move them later, no big deal! They are mounted off the wall a little bit too, which is a nice effect. We are planning on ordering more for the rest of the house. They are a pretty good deal at about $15 a piece and free shipping when you get six or more. Several are from our travels so we stuck them all around a map of the world that we stick little pins in every time we go somewhere new.

That’s it for this past week! This week the only thing we have planned is the housewarming party. So I have lots of housecleaning plans. So I can be like, “Oh yeah, it always looks like this…” LOL

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