Get a Good Night’s Sleep with Sutera

One of the things that becomes extremely precious after you have children (besides the actual children) is sleep. Several hours of uninterrupted sleep. Luckily Sutera has developed a uniquely contoured memory foam pillow designed to help you make the most of those blissful moments of slumber.

*This post is sponsored by Sutera, but I was sent a pillow to test out for an honest review, and all opinions are my own.

As a tired mama who is finally getting some rest now that my son is a little older, I still have a huge appreciation for a good night’s sleep. So I was happy to test out the Sutera pillow and see if it could maybe cut down on my usual tossing and turning.

What’s Different About a Sutera Pillow?

The Sutera pillow has an innovative butterfly design, crafted for optimal neck and spine support. The pillow’s contours make it work for all types of sleepers – back, side and stomach. I’m a side/stomach sleeper and my husband is a back sleeper so we both gave the pillow a thorough test run for a few nights to see how well it worked.

You’ll notice it doesn’t look like other pillows right out of the box! At first it is totally flat and rolled up. Then it slowly grows until it fills out to its regular size. I thought the pillow had a very strong smell right out of the box- like a mattress that needed to be off-gassed. I let it sit out for 24 hours before using it and thankfully the smell did completely dissipate.

It is flat on one side, and the top has butterfly-like flaps and a little cradle for your neck. This ergonomic design provides comfort by promoting optimal neck alignment in each position, assisting in relieving pressure to the neck, shoulders, back, joints and hips. It also comes with a removable, washable cover that fits its unique shape. I tried sleeping with it with just that cover and found it too rough on my face. I covered it with a large pillowcase that I was able to form around the curves of the pillow. It would be nice if they made custom fit soft pillowcases for it in the future.

So How Was Our Sleep?

As a side and stomach sleeper, I feel like my face is always squashed into the pillow. I wake up every morning with creases on my face from it being squished every night. With the Sutera pillow, it kept my head well supported so I was on top of the pillow, not pressed down into it. I actually woke up without the face creases! I also liked how I could tuck my arms under the little butterfly flaps in every sleep position.

My husband first gave the pillow a try during a rare afternoon nap, which I encouraged for research purposes. He laid down on his back, put his arms up around the back of his head and was snoring in about five minutes. So the pillow was a success for side, stomach and back sleep tests.

Where Can I Get One?

Sutera pillows are available through their website at SleepSutera.com, currently priced at $54.97 and there’s a discount when you purchase more than one. Plus if you use this link, the discount code CANDY20 will automatically apply for 20% off:  https://bit.ly/3hA0Z6w

Then lie back, or snuggle up on your side, and enjoy a great night’s sleep.

** I have been contacted by several international customers who have had trouble getting their orders. Please understand I do NOT work for Sutera and I cannot help with customer service issues. I was sent a free pillow for a sponsored review, and I actually liked the pillow so I wrote my honest opinions. I have not dealt with their ordering system or customer service.

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