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Taking a Moment for Kindness in the Chaos

It often seems like the world is in constant turmoil these days. It can be hard to stay positive amidst the chaos, but one thing that helps is just taking a moment to be conscientious about being kind to others. This concept of kindness inspired author T.A. Barron to ask people to share how they spread kindness in their community. It can be something as simple as a smile, or something on a larger scale like volunteering.

be kind rock

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How I Help Spread Kindness

When I was presented with the challenge of writing about how I help spread kindness, I had to stop and think a minute. I feel I am more of a small actions kind of kindness spreader, but those small actions add up!

Kindness spreads heart to heart from the moment it is shared, and all it takes is one person to go out of their way to make a positive difference in the life of another. 

-T.A. Barron

A Simple Smile

When we walk or bike around our neighborhood, we smile and wave to our neighbors. We usually get a smile and hello in return. It’s a small thing but it’s one thing that I love about our community – almost everyone takes a moment to be nice to each other with a friendly greeting.

Saying Thank You

If someone does something nice, say Thank You! I always try to remember to say thank you, whether it’s when someone is holding a door, or to the crossing guard in the morning on the way to school. It’s nice to let people know they are appreciated.

Teach Our Children Kindness

One surprise for me about raising kids is that you sometimes have to teach basic things you might think come naturally. Kindness is something I often have to explain to my son. It seems his first instinct might not always be the nicest one! I discovered I needed to teach him how to be kind to his friends, animals, adults and often even me! Hopefully it helps him grow into a good person that does good things.

Reach Out to Family and Friends

It’s really easy to get wrapped up in my own busy life and forget to contact friends and family. But sometimes you can make a big difference in someone’s day just by sending a simple text message to see how they’re doing. It doesn’t take long, and it lets them know someone out there cares. It meant a lot to me when people reached out to check on me when my father died and my husband was deployed and I was having one heck of a rough summer. It was those little check-ins from friends that kept me going sometimes.

spreading kindness
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So How Do You Spread Kindness?

Author T.A. Barron wants to know how you help spread kindness, and is willing to reward you for your effort. Stop by FacebookTwitter, or Instagram to share how you’re spreading kindness and enter to win a special prize package including books, goodies and a $100 Visa gift card!

From now until September 21, 2020, leave a comment on social media sharing your act of kindness or goodwill to enter the #MyLaborOfLove sweepstakes. Be sure to read the Official Rules here: 

…kindness is contagious! People who take the time to practice these small labors of love, who work on spreading happiness, and who improve the world for others — even if only for a minute — are influencing those around them more than they might know. Because being the recipient of someone’s goodwill alters our point of view, and taps our inner reserves of hope and gratitude. Once shared, one simple act of kindness will grow and multiply, warming hearts and building connections.

-T.A. Barron

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