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The Crayon House Makes Coloring Personal

Crayons have always been a big part of childhood. The Crayon House makes things a little more personal by creating colorful rainbow crayons shaped into your child’s name. They sent us this fun personalized Name Crayons set for my son, and he was super excited to try them out.

Personalized name crayons from The Crayon House

I have always loved coloring and still find myself doodling in the margins of my many to-do lists. I couldn’t wait to spend time coloring with my son, who I was sure was going to love coloring as much as I did. I was soon to find out that as a toddler, he was more interested in peeling off the paper and breaking the crayons in half.

Every time we went a restaurant, he’d get a menu and a few crayons. After some half-hearted scribbling he’d turn to me with a look of mischief and innocently ask, “Can I break them?” I knew this would buy me a few minutes of peaceful eating so I always told him to go ahead and just try not to make a big mess. (Spoiler alert – it was always a big mess.)

rainbow name crayon

Now at five-years-old, my son is finally starting to embrace coloring. Almost every day he comes home from Kindergarten and has to show me a new thing he has learned to draw. He fills up pages with doodles of dinosaurs and funny spider shaped people. Yesterday he was very excited to draw me a shampoo bottle. I made sure to let him know it was the BEST shampoo bottle I’ve ever seen and the shampoo squirting out of the top made it seem very realistic.

And because he’s been making strides in the coloring department, I thought it was time to pull out the coloring books and give it another try. I sweetened the deal with the box of Name Crayons from The Crayon House and put out some blank paper in case he wanted to draw me more toiletries.

drawing with crayons

He immediately grabbed the crayons and got to work on his latest creation- a “fat butterfly.” I’m beginning to wonder what they’re teaching him at school…lol. He did some half-hearted scribbling in the coloring book, but I realize now that his true passion lies in original works of art.

Be sure to stop by The Crayon House on Etsy and check out their cool name crayons that start at just $15. They make a great gift, party favor, stocking stuffer, etc! And each set comes in a personalized gift box.

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