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Razor Electric Tekno Scooter Review

Thanks to Tryazon, we recently got to test out the new Razor Electric Tekno Scooter and share the fun with friends. The Electric Tekno scooter was quite a hit with its light up wheel and deck, and ability to scoot along at a brisk 7.5 mph.

razor electric tekno scooter review

All About the Razor Electric Tekno Scooter

The Electric Tekno scooter is a great intro to electric scooters for kids that already know how to ride a two-wheel scooter, but may not be ready for a full-throttle experience.

razor tekno scooter

Getting Started with the Tekno Scooter

The scooter comes in a box and requires a little assembly. It has easy instructions and we had no problem putting it together. Then you just plug it in and charge it.

It’s a well built metal scooter with a urethane front wheel and rear-fender brake. The deck features a unique foot-activated pressure sensor that makes the it light up, flash and swirl blue and green lights. The lights are visible during the day, but of course look best at night. The front wheel also lights up.

To get scootering, you simply step on and push off and the high-torque, lithium-ion powered electric hub motor kicks in and you just go… This sounds very simple in theory, but is actually quite terrifying if you are a 45-year-old mom considerably over the 110 weight limit who is trying to show her son how “easy” it is to ride. Since my son refused to ride it until he saw someone else do it, I called a 10-year-old neighbor for help.

The box recommends it for ages eight and up, but that seems a little high. Our Razor Block Party attendees ranged from ages three to ten, and the scooter was the biggest hit with the five-year-old boys. The ten-year-old was actually a little too big for the scooter. Also, the bigger you are, the slower it goes, so the 10-year-old informed me “it needs a throttle to go faster.” The smaller kids thought it went plenty fast though!

The rechargeable battery gives you about 30 minutes of ride time per charge, but with the kids taking turns it stayed charged up for well over an hour. My son loved it so much that he rode it to school the next day, which was just over 20 minutes and it made it the whole way there without slowing down. We also found it maneuvers really well, over rough pavement, bumps and hills.

Would I Recommend It?

Yes, totally! But just not for older/bigger kids that want something with more power. It was a huge hit with the five-year-olds that already knew how to ride a two-wheel scooter, and my son continues to want to ride it around the block on a daily basis.

The kids under five didn’t have quite the skills to figure out how to stay on and balance. And one six-year-old gave a it a few tries but was scared and thought it actually went too fast! So the deciding factor should be based on the skills of the individual child, not just the age. They should already be comfortable balancing on two wheels before you throw a motor in the mix.

You can find the Razor Electric Tekno Scooter on the Razor website and at Target!

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