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Book Launch, Signings and Live Streams

It’s been a busy week with the launch of our book, live streams to promote it and getting together to sign all the GoFundMe copies. This isn’t quite the book launch we imagined, but we are rolling with the new COVID affected times and getting used to virtual events.

Let’s Go Live!

We got together with Ryan from GAAM Thursday night on Facebook Live to chat about the book and how it all came together. It went a LOT better than our first attempt. It’s definitely a good idea to start early and work out the bugs first!

Then on Saturday afternoon we joined Wasabicon Online for a virtual panel on Twitch. We did a live reading and then talked a bit about the people that make special appearances in the book. Wasabi is the convention we had originally planned to do our book launch at, and had a table for the weekend to sign books.


Book Signing Day is Here!

After the Wasabi stream, while we were still in our costumes, we started signing books to send out to our GoFundMe donors. It was exciting to have finally reached that point! All the books are signed and ready to ship. I’m sending them all out Monday & Tuesday.

signing our new childrens book

Click here to find the book on Amazon, or if you’d like a signed copy Click Here to Get a Book on Etsy. (same price, free shipping)

two geek mamas and their new book

Hope you are enjoying the start of my favorite time of year! Halloween season of course 🙂

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