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Megalodons, Ninja Bots and Air Hogs, Oh My!

Last weekend I hosted a small gathering for Tryazon featuring three really cool toys by Spin Master: Monster Jam Megalodon Storm, Ninja Bots and Air Hogs Stunt Shot. The kids went crazy over the toys and the adults got in the fun as well. The toys were provided for free in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own- and the toys were honestly really fun and well made.

Spin Master RC Play Time Party

Spin Master’s goal is to create innovative RC (radio control) toys like you’ve never seen before. My son has a lot of RC vehicles, but these three all offered a little something different. Check out our unboxing on Facebook to see just how excited he was to open this box:

Monster Jam Megalodon STORM

The Megalodon STORM is a powerful 1:15 scale official Monster Jam RC replica Monster Truck that can take on any terrain- water, dirt, rocks, snow, you name it! This truck can drive on it. It even drives on top of water.

megalodon storm rc truck

The truck goes really fast and has a tendency to flip over when it hits rocks, but the custom performance tires really do tackle any terrain! We thoroughly tested it out throughout the neighborhood. My son loved the speed and its ability to crash over things like a good Monster Truck should.

Ninja Bots Fighting Robots

These Ninja Bots are pretty funny- they battle it out with each other and then take breaks to huff and puff. Then when one wins it does a little victory dance. You can arm them with a variety of weapons (hammer, nun chuck, old shoe, spatula, etc.) and then train them to fight. They don’t have a separate remote control, but are controlled by swiping in front of their eyes.

ninja bots

There’s a bit more of a learning curve with the Ninja Bots, so while the smaller kids thought they were fun, they are more for an older kid that can read and follow directions on how to train the robots. But if they can’t do that, they are still fun to just swipe your hand up and down and make them battle it out.

Air Hogs Super Soft Stunt Shot

This one was a surprise favorite! The Stunt Shot is the newest RC from Air Hogs Super Soft. It has super soft giant foam wheels and can drive over (or into) anything without causing damage. It’s perfect for playing indoors, for smaller kids that crash a lot, or for trying to drive over other people. (my son’s favorite activity)

air hogs super soft stunt shot rc truck

This one is also pretty fast, but when it bumps into something it flips over and keeps right on going! It can go down stairs, do 360 spins and even do flips. It works good outdoors too but you want to keep it mostly inside to keep the soft tires in good condition.

The Toys were a Success

All three toys were a big hit and also withstood being beaten up by a group of 5-year-old boys. You can find Spin Master toys available for purchase at WalmartTarget, and Amazon

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