Healthier Halloween Treats with Nature’s Bakery

Turn innocent little fig bars into spooky ghosts and goblins and watch your little monsters gobble them up! Nature’s Bakery sent me a couple of complimentary boxes of their delicious real fruit fig bars and I transformed them into fun Halloween treats for an after-school party.

spiders and monsters halloween treats

Spider and Monster Halloween Treats

Making spiders and monster faces just takes four simple ingredients: Fig bars or brownies, pretzel sticks, white icing and mini chocolate chips. If you are making these for kids, I highly recommend using Nature’s Bakery Brownies! My treats look awesome but I discovered Kindergarteners are not really down with the Pumpkin Spice yet.

natures bakery halloween treats

How to Assemble the Spooky Treats

Start by breaking the pretzel sticks in half and then stick them in the bars. Spiders work best with just six legs, so you can say these are mutant spiders! If you try four legs then the fig bar starts to crumble on the sides. I found the sticks work best when stuck in the filling vs. the sides, so I went with little monsters for the rest of the batch.

Once you assemble your legs or hair, use the icing and chocolate chips to make a face. I went with white gel icing because it came in a little tube already the right size to make eyes. You could also use black icing for the pupils, but I thought chocolate chips would be more fun.

monster halloween treats with natures bakery

That’s it! It didn’t take me very long to do and I had a cool looking Halloween treat to bring to the party. Unfortunately my wholesome healthy snacks were no match for a party filled with candy, cookies and cupcakes, so I got to bring half of them home to eat myself. Next time I’m going with the brownies!

You can find Nature’s Bakery locally at Publix or on their website:

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