Editor's Picks

Editor’s Picks: WandaVision, Peepers, WOW Summit and a Lowe’s Surprise

The round of Editor’s Picks features a love for WandaVision, a new affiliation with Peepers glasses, a reminder about the Moms Meet WOW Summit and a surprise win from Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Obsessed with WandaVision

I was reluctant at first, but I hopped on the WandaVision train and got so into it that I put together a Scarlet Witch cosplay. Just get past the first couple episodes – believe me, you’ll get hooked if you like The Avengers at all. I also made a free downloadable Scarlet Witch headpiece pattern so other people can get in on the fun and make their own cosplay.

scarlet witch wandavision free pattern

Moms Meet WOW Summit

The Moms Meet virtual WOW summit is a (free!) three-day online event happening NEXT WEEK, and focuses on raising happy and healthy families. This event isn’t just for moms- it’s also for dads, grandparents and caretakers of all backgrounds. There’s even a special track for bloggers and influencers. Click the pic for all the details on signing up and taking part in this unique virtual event.

moms meet wow summit

Better Vision with Peepers Glasses

I got some really nice new readers by Peepers and I looooove them. Quite a step up from the ones I’ve been getting in bulk from Amazon! Click here to read about how I’m embracing wearing glasses even after LASIK surgery years ago. Peepers are made with blue light blocking lenses so it cuts the harsh glare from electronic devices that can lead to eye strain, headaches and blurred vision. Great for someone who’s always staring at a computer! The style I’m wearing here is called Meadow. They work great for every day wear, or for those days when you happen to dress up like criminal psychiatrist known as Dr. Quinzel. Click here to check out Peepers Glasses <— My affiliate link.

Peepers blue light blocking glasses

Lowe’s Home Improvement Win

I won a $100 gift card thanks to Lowe’s Home Improvement and @AmyWestTravel on Instagram! See, people really do win those Instagram giveaways! We are in the middle of a total bathroom overall, so this was perfect timing. My husband has been doing all the work himself, so he is at Lowe’s ALL the time. We joke that they might miss him if he doesn’t go one day.

Check out pics of our bathroom renovation Before & After. We took out everything! There was an old bath fitter over tile, wallpaper leftover from the ’80s and a cast iron tub that was under the bath fitter. We got the tile, vanity and Jacuzzi tub all at Lowe’s!

Thanks for joining me for the Editor’s Picks! Now who’s ready for Spring Break?

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  1. Congrats on the card! That’s awesome! I love the bathroom!! We did our bathroom last summer and used the same flooring. I love it! It’s been great so far.

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