Mortal Kombat Scorpion Mask Free Template

I’m a long-time Mortal Kombat fan, so when I saw the new movie was coming out, I wanted to share my template for turning a regular face mask into a Scorpion mask! This template was made to fit with my face mask pattern, but should work with most face masks with some small adjustments. So “Get over here!” and make yourself a mask!

If you are just looking to purchase a mask and not make one, I do have plain yellow and black Scorpion masks in my Geek Mamas Shop.

Scorpion Mask Template and Instructions

Start by making a mask! Click here to get the Free Face mask Pattern and step-by-step instructions on how to make a face mask. I recently updated the post with video of me making the black and yellow mask shown above.

Once you have your mask, download and print the template for the black design:

Mortal Kombat scorpion mask

Print and cut out template

Print and cut out the paper design. The cheek parts are easy, but the nose piece can be a little tricky. The easiest way to cut out the center pieces is by cutting out the shape, then folding it in half, and cutting from the center.

Then trace your design onto whatever you will be attaching to the mask. Good options are a black fabric that doesn’t fray, felt or black Worbla. For the one I made, I sewed it on, because I was trying to make it machine washable. That didn’t work so well and the edges frayed in the wash. If I were to do the whole thing again, I’d probably go with felt or Worbla and hand-wash only.

Use the same cutting method (folding and cutting) for fabric or felt. If you use a thermoplastic then you’ll need to cut the center pieces out with an X-Acto blade.

How to attach design to mask

Attaching it depends on what you use for the design.

Sew it – Although this is how I did it, I don’t really recommend it because it leaves the edges open to eventual fraying. You could do a tight zigzag stitch (on my machine it would be a C1 or 0) to stop the fraying, but it’s pretty easy to end up with a lumpy nose piece that way.

Glue it – This is a much easier way. I recommend fabric glue for a smoother look than hot glue. It’s easier to get all the edges down. Lie it flat and glue down the cheek pieces. Let that dry before doing the nose piece. For the nose, put the mask on a curved surface and do everything at once. Or fold it and do one side at a time, letting dry before flipping it over.

Worbla – If using black Worbla (or a similar thermoplastic), lie the mask flat and do the cheeks first. Just heat up the Worbla and press it on once it gets hot. It should stick. Test it on a scrap piece of fabric first, as it may not stick to all surfaces. Then put the mask on, heat the nose piece and put it on the mask while it’s on your face. Let it cool before removing. If anything pops off, you can glue it back down.

About the Scorpion Mask design

This Scorpion mask design isn’t a copy of one specific look, but is an original design based off all his mask styles over the years. In the very first Mortal Kombat, he wears a plain yellow face mask. As the character costumes got a little more fancy, usually details were added on the cheeks and some kind of slats in the front.

If you happen to use this pattern for your own Scorpion costume, please tag me in your pics so I can see! You can find me on all social media as @SewGeekMama and the blog as @GeekMamasMag .

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