Editor's Picks

Editor’s Picks: ESX360 Gamer Gear, Star Wars Day, Lettuce Grow and a New Instagram

This week we got some new pro gamer gear from ESX360, started getting ready for Star Wars Day, set up a hydroponic garden from Lettuce Grow and started a new Instagram account called Keane + Coastal to document our home renovations.

Game Like a Pro with ESX360 Gear and Accessories

ESX360 is a full line of esports inspired gaming gear and accessories for kids that will make them look and feel like a professional gamer. They offer gaming gloves and compression sleeves designed to enhance the gaming experience during long gaming sessions and apparel like shirts, shorts and hats so they can look the part. You can find their products on the ESX360 website and at Walmart.

Star Wars Day is Almost Here

Are you ready for May 4th? Otherwise known as Star Wars Day and May the 4th Be With You, it’s a day to celebrate all things Star Wars (as if I don’t do that every day, lol). It also always happens around Free Comic Book day, which is May 2nd this year!

mom and son cosplay
It took me a while to convince him I really was Mommy!

Getting Growing with Lettuce Grow

I’ve been enviously eyeing these hydroponic growing towers at restaurants and neighbor’s yards. We pass by one every day on the way to school and I watched as their plants grew and grew…while my garden at home started to wither in the heat and get eaten by bugs. So when our patio screen was complete, the first thing I purchased to put on the new patio wasn’t furniture- it was a Lettuce Grow Farmstand!

I got the one that holds 30 plants, and chose to go with their pre-sprouted seedlings. So this is my farmstand after just two weeks. I was so excited to get my first bowl of homegrown lettuce! Set-up and maintenance has been pretty easy so far. If you are looking into getting one, my code will get you $50 off! (and I get $25 to put toward more supplies and seedlings, so I really appreciate it!)

Click here to save $50 off your own Lettuce Grow Farmstand with code: FRIEND-SE2U

First bowl of salad from lettuce grow hydroponic farmstand
My first homegrown salad!

New Instagram for Home Renovation, DIY and Design

The newest Insta on the block is Keane & Coastal ( @keaneandcoastal ) which is where you can follow our home renovation and design ideas. We bought an older ’70s home at the beach and have been renovating it one piece at a time over the past three years. We have made a lot of progress, but there is still a lot to go! I wanted to start documenting the changes we ‘ve made along the way.

*Update: As of 8/11/22 I’ve deactivated the Instagram account. I thought my husband was going to help out and take photos of his progress, but he just wasn’t into it. It just became more work for me and that sucked. I thought it would be something fun we could all do together, and unfortunately it ended up being a solo project. So that project is now cancelled!

home renovation and design instagram
Keane + Coastal on Instagram
@keaneandcoastal Home Renovation, DIY and Décor

That wraps up another edition of Editor’s Picks. I’m looking forward to the events coming up in May! Who’s ready for Mother’s Day?

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